Sunday, February 9, 2014


Last night, as I was putting Quinn to bed, we were going through our night time routine of praying and singing a song. He has been making requests the last few nights as he hasn't felt well. Each night he has asked for "Hold Me Jesus" by Rich Mullins...or as he calls it the "shaking like a leaf" song.

His song of choice was "Whole" by our friend Olivia Pothoff. I can't remember the last time he asked me to sing that...quite a long, long while. It is a song about him and a conversation we had when he was two. He knows the story.

I sang the first part to him and in the dark realized he was crying. I stopped and quietly asked him why he was crying. He said it was the song...he was happy. He knows the song is part of his story and the words are true. 

Grateful for talented friends like Olivia who can tell stories through music and song...

Verse 1:
Mother and son in conversation
Late in the eve before bed
Resilient with joy, a two-year old boy
Fights a disease
Prepares for surgery
He said, “Mama, tell me am I broken?
Mama, tell me am I broken?”
We’re all broken people
With all kinds of broken
Bodies and hearts and souls
We all need a Savior, we need a Healer
He’s the One who makes us whole
Verse 2:
Father and Son in conversation
Late in the eve in a garden
His life on the line for all of mankind
Kneels in agony
Prepares for suffering
He said, “Father, help me, I am broken
Father, help me, I am broken”
Chorus 2:
They’re all broken people
With all kinds of broken
Bodies and hearts and souls
I will be Your Savior, I will be Your Healer
I’m the One who makes You whole
Though my body and flesh may fail me
Still, You are making me new
I can face
Uncertain days
With You, with You
Music & Lyrics by Olivia Pothoff.  
© 2012

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