Saturday, February 8, 2014

Snow and sick days

The snow storm of 2014 has hit--snowpocalypse as I've heard it called. Thursday kids were released from school early and Friday was a snow day. 

We've been hunkered down, scrapping our plans to play in the snow because Quinn came down with a fever Thursday evening. No other symptoms, just a fever. I thought it had broken this morning but it appears to have stuck around. We've done a lot of snow watching instead of snow playing.

We've watched a TON of VeggieTales in the last two days. Quinn and Sela have been pretty creative in their play when Quinn hasn't been lying down.

I did get to do our taxes. Boom! Done and done!

Today I made two loaves of gluten free chocolate chip pumpkin bread, gluten free hamburger buns, gluten free sandwich bread, and homemade sloppy joes. 

I also took a walk in the snow...I needed a destination so I walked a letter to the city post office. In the snow. It was actually a really lovely walk. A few cars driving, a few people walking, and very quiet throughout town.

Tomorrow will involve more temperature taking and church at home. Hopefully, it will also involve another walk, coffee, eating chocolate chip pumpkin bread, and reading. And, of course, more VeggieTales.

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