Monday, February 17, 2014

Music for Monday

This is Beautiful by Tyrone Wells...

We were listening to this song when we were pregnant with Sela and whenever we would hear it we would say--this song must be Sela's song. We would hear it and, instantly, this little girl we were waiting to meet would come to our minds and we would wonder: what will she be like? What will it be like to have a little girl? What will she like to play? What will touch her heart? Who will she be? 

The day Sela decided to arrive we were at the hospital in the labor and delivery room. We had a CD of songs playing on which we had included "This is Beautiful". Sela's arrival was imminent...and her song came through the speakers as she made her way into the world. Truly, it was a beautiful and amazing moment. 

And she is truly a beautiful and amazing girl.

I shared with Tyrone what this song meant to us before he came through Portland after Sela was born in 2009. I've got a little edge in that department because he is my cousin. My friend Olivia and I were able to go to his concert at the Aladdin Theater and that night he shared about Sela's birth and "This is Beautiful".  He and his band hadn't been playing it on the tour but they had rehearsed it and wanted to play it for us (oh, and everyone else too). 

I cried through the whole thing. 

He'll be back on tour and coming through Portland April 2nd. 

And you should probably go.

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