Friday, January 31, 2014

There are two ways...

Chesterton's words always remind me that simplicity is really a heart attitude from which decisions and perspective flow.

A friend and I were talking the other day about places we've lived and ways that we've acquired things to furnish those places.

At one point in college I lived off-campus with three other girls in an old house divided into three living quarters. I had come from a long distance and didn't have a mattress--I figured I would use an air mattress all year long. 

One night late I got a call from my friend who had been my roommate the previous year. She told me she had found a mattress--a twin mattress--that someone had put out by their garbage bins. 

I was thrilled!

One of my housemates had a station wagon so we quickly jumped in her car and drove to the reported location of the mattress. We cut the headlights as we slowly drove up to the garbage cans and mattress. Quickly we leaped out of the car, grabbed the mattress, carried it to the car, and shoved it in the back. We got out of there fast hoping no one had seen us!

We gave it the sniff test. We sprayed Lysol on it in great abundance. I thought it was a great mattress! 

I slept on it. I am still alive.

I was grateful for a mattress to sleep on. An attitude of gratefulness for what I have makes me content. I have more than enough--more than many, many others in the world. 

If I am thankful and find ways to give, gratefulness is reinforced and the act of giving reinforces my perspective and I desire less. 

I have enough.

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