Thursday, January 10, 2013

The List (Post 10)

I've already surpassed the number of posts I wrote in 2012. 
Guess I'll be signing off for the rest of the year! :) 

Just kidding!

In December I wrote on facebook:

"Quinn just made a list of things he does not like. I told him--sometimes you just have to write it down." 

In honor of Quinn's list, I thought I would post it here with his spelling (and you can tell me what the theme of the top six posts is):

things i do not like.
1. lunch
2. breakfeast
3. CPT *
4. school (?)
5. trukey 
6. dinner
7. dad Beating me up ** 
8. rain
9. homework
10. working for mom
11. to much work
12. tured on a yellow card ***
13. a friend not playing with me

*Quinn's CF treatments
**Quinn and Ryan wrestling
*** this is a behavioral warning in his classroom "turned around yellow card"

Is it just me or does he dislike food and "work" of a variety of kinds?

Sigh. Sometimes you just have to write it down. What don't you like?

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