Wednesday, January 2, 2013

reflect (post 2)

A year ago (1.5.12) I wrote the following:

"Initially when I started writing/journaling/sharing here it was to be connected to others. Being more intentional about writing here and finding ways to engage with others are really important to me. 
Dating my husband. Playing with my kids. Seeking Jesus. Getting beyond myself and my insecurities. Blogging. facebook. Asking people to coffee. Taking care of myself. More fun. Less worry. Thinking outside the box. Choosing relationship over task. Less guarded. More vulnerable. Trying new things. More hope. Less fear.
Connected. Intentional."

My two words were connected and intentional

Was I more connected? Was I more intentional? 

Yes and no. 

I was not more connected through blogging. A lot of times I didn't think I had something to say or maybe I wouldn't have something someone would want to read. I've realized how many stories and pictures I can share with family and friends--when I don't post anything then I miss out on sharing those moments. If I'm not writing here then I typically forget to tell those stories to others...sometimes I forget to tell them to Ryan. My goal is to post here everyday.

I was more intentional in some things for myself. I've actually been working out three times a week. The gym was a scary thing to me (even one I could use for free!) and I've avoided it at every turn. When my friend Olivia suggested we try it out I said yes out loud but in my head (and heart) I said "not going to work." Thankfully I've learned that I really like the elliptical machine and I enjoy lifting some weights and it makes me feel good. Who knew!?

I've been intentional in slowing down. Embracing margins. Enjoying space. While I've been intentional in this and it is has been good for me, it means I haven't connected with others as much. I want to be more purposeful in connecting with others this year.

For 2013 my word is reflect. 

I've been thinking a lot...reflecting on things from the past as well as thinking about what our lives reflect to others. I've been thinking about stories and people and places from years gone by--stories I really look foward to sharing because they've made me smile or laugh or offer thanks or pause.  

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