Thursday, January 31, 2013

January (post 21)

Thinking about the end of January and reflecting on what we've been up this month. I was looking at the calendar of appointments, events, and activities and was reminded that we've been up to a LOT! Here is a peek at some:
  • 3 dental appointments, 1 orthodontic appointment, and 1 regular check-up
  • 2 cars-oil/lube and repairs
  • 1 garage door repair
  • 1 trip to the DMV to renew my driver's license (new picture and everything)
  • my birthday
  • small group
  • hosted a family over for dinner
  • a trip to the Portland Aquarium
  • Bowling
  • Fun eating excursions

We've watched a lot of movies...we started doing a Friday (or Saturday) movie night with the kiddos and Quinn has been sick for about a week. We've only spent $1.20 on movies thanks to the library and a Christmas gift...Did I tell you we cut cable? We have the internet and Netflix but I love the library very much for its choices!

For the Kids
  • Tarzan
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Monsters, Inc.
  • Cars 2
  • Pinnochio
For the Adults
  • Lincoln
  • Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
  • Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
  • Pitch Perfect
  • Brave (we pre-screened it for Quinn and decided to wait a bit)
  • Downton Abby (for me)
Quinn has been reading the Encyclopedia Brown books like they are going out of style. We asked the librarian for some suggestions and when she described Encyclopedia Brown, Quinn said, "Now you're talking..." 

I had a couple of goals this month:
  • Read. One Thousand Gifts, The Wild Trees, Loving the Little Years, and The Mister Rogers Parenting Book--I finished the first three and am working through the Mister Rogers book. I also got to do some additional reading: Full Disclosure by Dee Henderson plus we're joining with our church to read the New Testament by Easter. Ryan is ahead of me :)

  • Work out...I've been trying to go three mornings a week since school started again. If I can go extra then I'm trying to do so.

  • Eat better...with the "work out" goal too these sound like your typical New Year goals :) I've been trying to learn about what foods can best help us monitor cholesterol and blood pressure plus learning about serving sizes. My definition of a serving size of cereal or ice cream appears to be different from the definition of nutritionists :)

  • Blog everyday. This is post 21. So 20 days out of 30 isn't bad. Especially considering I only wrote a total of 7 last year. I want to keep sharing so I'll keep blogging. My goal is still everyday but I'm well acquainted with real life :)

  • Bible Study. I've been thankful for Bible Study Fellowship and purposefully studying Genesis plus reading major portions of the New Testament at one sitting is great. Glad to use/apply some of what I'm learning at BSF too as I read through the New Testament.
From our appointments/activities list I was reminded that January launches us into new cycles. Check ups, deductibles, insurance, repairs, and the like. I am well aware of God's provision in our lives and at the end of the month, as I pay bills, I continue to feel grateful that we have what we need. That we can pay for medications or car repairs. I am grateful. I know that there are many who are struggling to do that. I have more thoughts about that but I'll save that for a different post. 

I've got some goals for February. Mostly the same as January but I'm also dubbing February "No Spend" month. As in, no extras this month, keep things simple, eat from the pantry/freezer, limit might not sound very fun but I'm thinking of it as a game. It will be fun!

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