Thursday, January 24, 2013

in my mouth (post 19)

Ryan thought my post-a-day goal might be a bit ambitious. I have grand visions. Then I have to figure out what is ideal and what is real. The story of my life. For real.

I just got back from a terrific visit to the dentist. Honestly. I'm not being sarcastic. 

I have an awesome dentist and dental hygienist. And I brought Quinn and Sela with me--to an office where there is expensive dental equipment, machines, professionals at work, and where I would be trapped in a chair. With someone's fingers and sharp tools in my mouth.

We had a big chat before we left the house about expectations. I packed snacks, books, toys, and coloring books. 

They did AWESOME! 

At one point the dental hygienist let Sela and Quinn hold the suction tool--Mr. Thirsty. Sela was holding it and the suction was on...Quinn said, "Don't waste all the air!" 

Think about it.

The dental hygienist and I started if all the air was going to be sucked down the tube. I loved listening to Quinn and Sela figure out how to handle themselves at the office. Only one disagreement that they were able to figure out for themselves.

And we were there for an hour. 

There is hope! AMAZING!

(and no cavities!)

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