Tuesday, January 8, 2013

a food processor (post 8)

I actually made a gluten free apple pie for Christmas this year. I had never (a) made a pie, (b) made a crust, or (c) done it gluten free. A lot of firsts!

I used a recipe from Silvana Nardone's book Cooking for Isaiah

And I think it was delicious! To top the apple pie I made salted caramel whipped cream.

Salted caramel whipped cream.

Think about it.

One of Ryan's kind admissions counselors made salted caramel sauce for us this year and it was AMAZING. Add it in the homemade whipped cream and you've got a home run. On apple pie. Yes please.

A year (or two ago) I started a little food blog called a food processor because I've been trying to navigate the food needs our family has plus thinking about food, budgets, and ways to enjoy food more.

I want to do some more writing/thinking about food but I don't want my little blog here to be all about food. I'll link up sometimes from here...like today:

with the apple pie and salted caramel whipped cream recipes!

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