Thursday, January 31, 2013

January (post 21)

Thinking about the end of January and reflecting on what we've been up this month. I was looking at the calendar of appointments, events, and activities and was reminded that we've been up to a LOT! Here is a peek at some:
  • 3 dental appointments, 1 orthodontic appointment, and 1 regular check-up
  • 2 cars-oil/lube and repairs
  • 1 garage door repair
  • 1 trip to the DMV to renew my driver's license (new picture and everything)
  • my birthday
  • small group
  • hosted a family over for dinner
  • a trip to the Portland Aquarium
  • Bowling
  • Fun eating excursions

We've watched a lot of movies...we started doing a Friday (or Saturday) movie night with the kiddos and Quinn has been sick for about a week. We've only spent $1.20 on movies thanks to the library and a Christmas gift...Did I tell you we cut cable? We have the internet and Netflix but I love the library very much for its choices!

For the Kids
  • Tarzan
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Monsters, Inc.
  • Cars 2
  • Pinnochio
For the Adults
  • Lincoln
  • Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
  • Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
  • Pitch Perfect
  • Brave (we pre-screened it for Quinn and decided to wait a bit)
  • Downton Abby (for me)
Quinn has been reading the Encyclopedia Brown books like they are going out of style. We asked the librarian for some suggestions and when she described Encyclopedia Brown, Quinn said, "Now you're talking..." 

I had a couple of goals this month:
  • Read. One Thousand Gifts, The Wild Trees, Loving the Little Years, and The Mister Rogers Parenting Book--I finished the first three and am working through the Mister Rogers book. I also got to do some additional reading: Full Disclosure by Dee Henderson plus we're joining with our church to read the New Testament by Easter. Ryan is ahead of me :)

  • Work out...I've been trying to go three mornings a week since school started again. If I can go extra then I'm trying to do so.

  • Eat better...with the "work out" goal too these sound like your typical New Year goals :) I've been trying to learn about what foods can best help us monitor cholesterol and blood pressure plus learning about serving sizes. My definition of a serving size of cereal or ice cream appears to be different from the definition of nutritionists :)

  • Blog everyday. This is post 21. So 20 days out of 30 isn't bad. Especially considering I only wrote a total of 7 last year. I want to keep sharing so I'll keep blogging. My goal is still everyday but I'm well acquainted with real life :)

  • Bible Study. I've been thankful for Bible Study Fellowship and purposefully studying Genesis plus reading major portions of the New Testament at one sitting is great. Glad to use/apply some of what I'm learning at BSF too as I read through the New Testament.
From our appointments/activities list I was reminded that January launches us into new cycles. Check ups, deductibles, insurance, repairs, and the like. I am well aware of God's provision in our lives and at the end of the month, as I pay bills, I continue to feel grateful that we have what we need. That we can pay for medications or car repairs. I am grateful. I know that there are many who are struggling to do that. I have more thoughts about that but I'll save that for a different post. 

I've got some goals for February. Mostly the same as January but I'm also dubbing February "No Spend" month. As in, no extras this month, keep things simple, eat from the pantry/freezer, limit might not sound very fun but I'm thinking of it as a game. It will be fun!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Lion Sleeps Tonight pt. 1 (post 20)

Quinn and Sela have recently begun singing together. One song. The Lion Sleeps Tonight. They each sing their own version of it while the other person does back up. Part 1 is Quinn singing with Sela doing back up. Look for Part 2 to see Sela's version.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

in my mouth (post 19)

Ryan thought my post-a-day goal might be a bit ambitious. I have grand visions. Then I have to figure out what is ideal and what is real. The story of my life. For real.

I just got back from a terrific visit to the dentist. Honestly. I'm not being sarcastic. 

I have an awesome dentist and dental hygienist. And I brought Quinn and Sela with me--to an office where there is expensive dental equipment, machines, professionals at work, and where I would be trapped in a chair. With someone's fingers and sharp tools in my mouth.

We had a big chat before we left the house about expectations. I packed snacks, books, toys, and coloring books. 

They did AWESOME! 

At one point the dental hygienist let Sela and Quinn hold the suction tool--Mr. Thirsty. Sela was holding it and the suction was on...Quinn said, "Don't waste all the air!" 

Think about it.

The dental hygienist and I started if all the air was going to be sucked down the tube. I loved listening to Quinn and Sela figure out how to handle themselves at the office. Only one disagreement that they were able to figure out for themselves.

And we were there for an hour. 

There is hope! AMAZING!

(and no cavities!)

Friday, January 18, 2013

he fought with words (post 18)

He Fought With Words
by Meredith Jessup (Grade 6)

Martin Luther King,
Strong and bold,
Had quite a story 
to be told
Of truth finally brought to light
And freedom fought until it was right.
He fought with words not his hands.

He fought for the rights white people had.
He fought for his color,
All blacks in the land.
Peace was his motto,
Love for his clan.
Marching on together,
In one large band.
He fought with words not his hands.

When he went to jail that day,
He went without protest,
that unhappy way,
While people stood along the way,
And urged on King to keep peace and pray.
He fought with words not his hands.

Tall and proud on that day was he,
As he stood on the gleaming balcony.
And talked to his followers that sad day
When King was assassinated by James Earl Ray.
Toppling over dead was he,
And he fell to the ground in misery.

As mourners gathered along the way,
There were no shouts of freedom that day,
They watched their beloved leader lay,
In a gleaming casket and they prayed.

Here lay the man who had led the way,
Of fighting peacefully with what you say.
Singing Overcome and Blessed are They,
Those of you who stoop to pray.
He used not his hands but his words to say,
"Blacks will be free one day!"

My word for the year is "reflect". 

In light of the MLK holiday on Monday, I was thinking about this poem I wrote in the sixth grade. I think I was ten. We had been reading about Martin Luther King Jr. and watching videos about him. Those opportunities to learn about him prompted an interest in not only MLK but also non-violence, Ghandi, and justice. 

My parents had lots of bookshelves in our downstairs and I found a book by MLK and read it. Another by Ghandi and read parts of that. Sometime in the seventh grade I found The Autobiography of Malcom X...obviously a different take but I read it. I'm not sure that my seventh grade brain fully understood everything that he was saying but I do remember specific ideas and phrases. 

There are lots of things that my 36 year old self wonders about my 10 year old self. Questions I would ask myself about how I understood race, justice, value, and freedom. I appreciate that my parents had good books to read and that they let me read them. I'm thankful that some of these early readings and videos peaked an interest in justice and the oppressed and how I have a part to play. Who will I stand with?

I'm still asking some of those questions. 

my birthday (post 17)

My birthday was on the 17th...

I am 36 years old.

It was a day full of things that are normal and also out of the ordinary.

Like, the garage door repair man who had to come to our house because I backed into the garage door on the 16th. 

Not one of my finer moments.

But, it was a fine day. Laughing with Quinn, Sela, and Ryan at the dentist's office while Quinn got his teeth cleaned. No cavities and we are sure that his top two middle teeth are going to come out any time now...or risk the adult teeth just pushing them out of the way :)

Dinner with the family at Tree's...delicious and I had a moment while we were sitting together, laughing and eating, that I realized this is our life. We get to do this together. In the midst of refereeing two kids and vacuuming the floor--we get moments of laughing and just being together.

That is the best gift ever. 
I'll take 36. 
And every year after.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

mlk (post 16)

Martin Luther King Jr's birthday was seemed fitting that we saw Lincoln.

One of my favorite songs by James Taylor is this one, Shed a Little Light. It honors MLK and it reminds of the passion and belief that moves people to do big things.

lincoln (post 15...a day late)

I forgot to post yesterday. I remembered late but will be okay :)

Last night we went and saw Lincoln

It was very, very moving and I was reminded that big decisions often come with big sacrifice. Sometimes watching a movie I still notice the actors or actresses playing a role but in this I wasn't thinking about Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln. I was just thinking about Lincoln. I was also reminded that everyone has pain and suffering. We also need one another to get through that pain.

What a momentous occasion...and what tremendous changes Lincoln guided the country through. 

I've read a bit of Team of Rivals but I look forward to actually finishing it next time.

Monday, January 14, 2013

music for monday (post 14)

Our Christmas season is done but the nativity set is still up.

I like our nativity set because Mary is holding Jesus.

The magi are there...but we know that they really don't arrive for awhile. They aren't the folks that come to visit at the hospital after a baby is born, they are the "ride my camel for a long time, stop and ask for directions, arrive at the house after the baby is born and people stop bringing meals" folks. 

The magi are connected to Herod's sudden awareness of a new king in town.
The magi worship Jesus and bring gifts.
The magi continue to receive God's guidance, this time through a dream which warns them not to go back to Herod.

That must have been an interesting return trip home. Not going home the way you came and no GPS. Wondering if the king wonders why you haven't shown up back at the palace. Looking over your shoulder.

When they leave the house of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus, an angel of the Lord appears to Joseph warning them to leave and escape to Egypt because Herod is coming to kill Jesus.They head out during the months of planning and stocking up supplies. No time to double check the map. No time to buy extra blankets or send a message to anyone. Get up and go.

Herod has been waiting...and waiting...and waiting...and he is mad. mad. mad.

Ordering the death of all the boys in Bethlehem and surrounding area that are two years old and younger.

And mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers and grandmas and grandpas weep because their little boys are murdered.

The House of Herod and Jesus intersect again at the end of Jesus' ministry...Herod Antipas, the son of Herod the Great, sees Jesus after Pilate sends Jesus to him. I have more thoughts about that encounter but that is for a different post.

The journey of the magi is rocky and sandy. Intrigue and warnings. Seeking and finding. Tents and palaces. Good and evil. The Holy One of Israel.

The only rendition I've ever heard of We Three Kings that seems to communicate that message is by Patty Smyth. Close your eyes and listen.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

today (post 13)

Some days go differently then you expect. 

Multiple behavioral conversations and time outs for the children.

Now both are resting. Ryan is resting. 

I have a cup of coffee. Some books. My planning notebook.

And, hopefully at least a half hour to myself. 

Keep your fingers crossed.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

refreshment (post 12)

Acts 3:19-21
"Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord, and that he may send the Christ, who has been appointed for you--even Jesus. He must remain in heaven until the time comes for God to restore everything, as he promised long ago through his holy prophets."

Reading through this text this morning and really struck by the words refreshing and restore. 

When we repent and turn to God refreshing will come. 

God will restore everything.

He promised. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

the other list (post 11)

We started a list too.

Different than Quinn's list

We've started a thanksgiving journal and our goal in 2013 is to each write one to three things a day in it.

I can see in my own life the benefit of pausing to give thanks and be thankful. 

Continuing to read through One Thousand Gifts confirms those ideas to me.

small, warm, soft hands after a nap
good news to celebrate
heat in the house

Moving from generic thanksgiving to noticing the details which lead me further to specific thanks. God is worthy of all our praise and eyes continue to be opened and my heart reminded of little things and big, simple and hard, obvious and unseen.



Thursday, January 10, 2013

The List (Post 10)

I've already surpassed the number of posts I wrote in 2012. 
Guess I'll be signing off for the rest of the year! :) 

Just kidding!

In December I wrote on facebook:

"Quinn just made a list of things he does not like. I told him--sometimes you just have to write it down." 

In honor of Quinn's list, I thought I would post it here with his spelling (and you can tell me what the theme of the top six posts is):

things i do not like.
1. lunch
2. breakfeast
3. CPT *
4. school (?)
5. trukey 
6. dinner
7. dad Beating me up ** 
8. rain
9. homework
10. working for mom
11. to much work
12. tured on a yellow card ***
13. a friend not playing with me

*Quinn's CF treatments
**Quinn and Ryan wrestling
*** this is a behavioral warning in his classroom "turned around yellow card"

Is it just me or does he dislike food and "work" of a variety of kinds?

Sigh. Sometimes you just have to write it down. What don't you like?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

how they roll (post 9)

Sela is quite a comedian.  And Quinn is funny too. Here, they join forces.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

a food processor (post 8)

I actually made a gluten free apple pie for Christmas this year. I had never (a) made a pie, (b) made a crust, or (c) done it gluten free. A lot of firsts!

I used a recipe from Silvana Nardone's book Cooking for Isaiah

And I think it was delicious! To top the apple pie I made salted caramel whipped cream.

Salted caramel whipped cream.

Think about it.

One of Ryan's kind admissions counselors made salted caramel sauce for us this year and it was AMAZING. Add it in the homemade whipped cream and you've got a home run. On apple pie. Yes please.

A year (or two ago) I started a little food blog called a food processor because I've been trying to navigate the food needs our family has plus thinking about food, budgets, and ways to enjoy food more.

I want to do some more writing/thinking about food but I don't want my little blog here to be all about food. I'll link up sometimes from today:

with the apple pie and salted caramel whipped cream recipes!

Monday, January 7, 2013

music for monday (post 7)

Mat Kearney, awesome singer/songwriter and major U of O fan, wrote a song called...

Chip Don't Go (4:06 of and check it out)

An ode to Duck coach Chip Kelly, it implored him to stay with the Ducks and NOT go to the NFL.

At our house this weekend, we've kept up on the saga of U of O coach Chip Kelly and various NFL teams.

And it appears that Kelly will stay with the Ducks! 

Kelly called Mat to thank him for the song.

Go Ducks!


Sunday, January 6, 2013

books (post 6)

I really do love to read. 

When I moved to Indiana in 1997 we brought boxes and boxes of books. 

Because they are my friends. 

And even though I had already read most of them, they were on my shelves and were comfortable and reminded me of who I was and who I wanted to be and the power of a story. 

In 1999 when I graduated and moved back home we shipped boxes and boxes of books. While my dad and I drove back to Oregon. 
Boxes and boxes.

I thought I might share what books I'm reading right now and will hopefully finish in January.

One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp
I started this in December, had to return it to the library, and just got it back again. I love libraries. Voskamp is really a writer/poet. She has been naming some things that I've thought but didn't know how to articulate. How do you give thanks in the hard and ugly and bitter?
The Mister Rogers Parenting Book by Fred Rogers
I got this from the library after the Sandy Hook tragedy. Just felt like Mr. Rogers still has wisdom to share about caring for our kids. 
The Wild Trees by Richard Preston
My dad gave me this book to read and it is a fascinating account of the people who have looked for the tallest trees in the world...their personal stories, climbing details, discoveries, and some crazy escapades in the middle of the Redwoods.
Loving the Little Years: Motherhood in the Trenches by Rachel Jankovic
I always appreciate hearing the stories and perspectives from another mom--helps me think about parenting in a different way. Plus, I've found some ideas that we've incorporated with Quinn and Sela which have been helpful too.

I request/keep more books than I can read at any given time and wind up having to send them back to the library. Maybe I'll start a book list of the ones I'm trying to get to as well :) 

Any book suggestions for me?

Saturday, January 5, 2013

aquarium (post 5)

We had a terrific adventure today to the Portland Aquarium. We received a pass for Christmas and are looking forward to return visits. Lots of fish to see, hands on tanks, and future puffin and sea otter exhibits. Quinn and I touched the sting rays and some tide pool sea life. There are birds and lizards to see as well. We followed up our trip "Under the Sea" with some gluten free pizza and cupcakes at New Cascadia. Great gluten free food!

Friday, January 4, 2013

gingerbread houses (post 4)

It is never too late to make gingerbread houses so we spent an afternoon the other day making the following fine creations. There was a lot of building and lot of licking frosting off the candy.

Check out these faces brought to you by Sela Ruth

Good times!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

ducks (post 3)

Today we watched the Ducks play (and WIN) in the Fiesta Bowl! My mom graduated from K-State so I've got some connections there but I'm a "Duck" by marriage. Quinn made some signs and led us in some cheers. 

Go Ducks!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

reflect (post 2)

A year ago (1.5.12) I wrote the following:

"Initially when I started writing/journaling/sharing here it was to be connected to others. Being more intentional about writing here and finding ways to engage with others are really important to me. 
Dating my husband. Playing with my kids. Seeking Jesus. Getting beyond myself and my insecurities. Blogging. facebook. Asking people to coffee. Taking care of myself. More fun. Less worry. Thinking outside the box. Choosing relationship over task. Less guarded. More vulnerable. Trying new things. More hope. Less fear.
Connected. Intentional."

My two words were connected and intentional

Was I more connected? Was I more intentional? 

Yes and no. 

I was not more connected through blogging. A lot of times I didn't think I had something to say or maybe I wouldn't have something someone would want to read. I've realized how many stories and pictures I can share with family and friends--when I don't post anything then I miss out on sharing those moments. If I'm not writing here then I typically forget to tell those stories to others...sometimes I forget to tell them to Ryan. My goal is to post here everyday.

I was more intentional in some things for myself. I've actually been working out three times a week. The gym was a scary thing to me (even one I could use for free!) and I've avoided it at every turn. When my friend Olivia suggested we try it out I said yes out loud but in my head (and heart) I said "not going to work." Thankfully I've learned that I really like the elliptical machine and I enjoy lifting some weights and it makes me feel good. Who knew!?

I've been intentional in slowing down. Embracing margins. Enjoying space. While I've been intentional in this and it is has been good for me, it means I haven't connected with others as much. I want to be more purposeful in connecting with others this year.

For 2013 my word is reflect. 

I've been thinking a lot...reflecting on things from the past as well as thinking about what our lives reflect to others. I've been thinking about stories and people and places from years gone by--stories I really look foward to sharing because they've made me smile or laugh or offer thanks or pause.  

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

365 days of posts...happy new year 2013

Happy New Year!  
Ryan, Quinn, Sela and I celebrated the New Year with 7PM our time. 
We got to bang pots and pans and then have our very own dance party. 
Quinn told Ryan, "Come on, Dad! Get your cha-cha on!" 
And so we did.
One of my goals for 2013 is to post on the blog each day. 
In 2012, I only posted 7 times! In 2011, it was 73!  
We hope to stay better connected and telling stories about life in Dougherty-ville.