Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Breaks and Birthdays

Last week was Spring Break and we had been looking forward to having some adventures. Our adventures were a little more homebound because there were waves of sickness passing through our home. In fact, our only days of good health were on the days we were having birthday celebrations for Quinn! 

Over the weekend leading into Spring Break Sela had been sick--fever, a head cold, and lots of snuggling. She was better so my mom stayed with Sela and Quinn Sunday night and Ryan and I were able to go to a concert...cousin Tyrone in Portland. It was an awesome concert. We were able to spend some time with Ryan's brother and sister-in-law and my sister and brother-in-law.

Monday was low-key, Ryan was home, and we were excited for Quinn's Batman birthday celebration. Tuesday Ryan headed to work and I knew I was taking a ride on the sick train. And then I knew that Spring Break adventures were going to revolve around movies. Ryan stayed home Wednesday and Thursday sick. He had Friday off too...but he was sick. Unbelievably Quinn has been the healthiest person in the family. We are thrilled with that fact!

Favorite Movies of the Week:

And for the parents:

During the week it was great to have a visit from Aunt Danae and Grandma Dougherty. They brought special gifts from the Dougherty family which Quinn has loved playing with--especially with mom and dad being sick!

Sela wanted to pose with a "gift" like Quinn.

  Quinn loved modeling his new super hero gear. Beware villains!

Sunday, March 31st...Quinn's 6th birthday! 

 We were all well enough to head out to see The Lorax. The movie theme continued.

 A birthday treat and Sela's first theater movie.

Our adventure continued with lunch at Chipotle and then Quinn got to pick out his family birthday present at the Lego shop. He was pretty excited and used some birthday money and gift money to pick out...

Batwing Battle over Gotham City! Sounds ominous doesn't it?

A happy birthday to Quinn...
and a movie-filled, germ-filled Spring Break for us.

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