Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What a night!

And finally, after much planning and preparing, the night for the Benefit Concert for Cystic Fibrosis featuring Tyrone Wells arrived. We are celebrating the joy of the night and the great evening it turned out to be!

We had fun leading up the event...we posted some videos on facebook from Quinn, Tyrone, and this one from Quinn and Sela. We called it "Getting ready for the concert: Shake your wiggles out".
I'm sure people were inspired to attend. I know I was :)
If you couldn't make it...or wanted to relive the night...here are a few pictures for you taken by PhotoMacy (who is AWESOME!!). Just imagine yourself in Bauman Auditorium at George Fox...
Quinn waiting for the concert to start

Sweet Kim welcoming everyone

Olivia Pothoff sharing her amazing voice and an original song about Quinn called "Whole". I'm hoping that we get to share this song with all of you soon because Olivia's words and music were incredible. So.good.

Quinn recorded a welcome for everyone who came to the concert to raise money for CF
Tyrone sharing his gifts of music and songwriting

I love this picture with Tyrone and the reflection of his guitar...it was an intimate performance
It was such a TERRIFIC night! We loved hearing our friends share their talents through word and music...and it was a beautiful night to listen to Tyrone. I think he is my favorite singer/songwriter. For real. The music was amazing.

People gave generously by purchasing tickets, buying CDs (which Tyrone donated), and opening up wallets by donating online or at the concert. The estimated number in attendance was between 400 and 450 and it looks like the final amount raised is...$6046! HOORAY! How amazing is that?!!? 

What a wonderful, wonderful night...

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