Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A special video

I met Corina as a student in one of my residence halls my last year as an area coordinator. After Quinn was born and diagnosed with CF we ran into each other and Corina told me about a friend of hers from back home who had CF. 

Fast forward a few years, preparing for the concert with our team (our AWESOME team of Nate and Kim, Lindsay, and Vangie) and Nate suggested we see if Corina and her boyfriend Ethan would be willing to do a video about Quinn and CF for the concert.

Corina and Ethan willingly agreed to donate their talents and expertise to create a video for the benefit concert. When we got to chat with them, Corina shared that her friend with CF had passed away...she was in her early 20's. Corina and Ethan understood why this video and concert were so important to us.

We spent some time together over the last few weeks sharing our story and lives with them. Quinn and Sela loved the cameras and they both really enjoyed Corina and Ethan. 

Corina and Ethan put together a really excellent video. I hope you'll take five minutes to watch it if you haven't seen it yet. It captures so much of life for us right now and why we are motivated to bring awareness to CF. Just click here.


Denee said...

What a great video! And congrats on your special (and successful!) concert night! I was sad to be unable to make it, as I couldn't find anyone to watch Henri. So glad it went well!

Sally said...

Powerful video! So glad to hear the concert was a great success.

Sheldon said...

Awesome video! Thanks for sharing. Sorry we weren't able to make it to the concert but we want to get together soon!

Hannah said...

What a great video. Watching it made me add to my ever-growing list of reasons I am so thankful for Doernbecher. What an incredible place...and what a sweet little boy you have.

meredith said...

Thanks friends...Corina and Ethan did such a great job! We love Nurse Ben and the team that helps Quinn and our family. It was a special process!