Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ryan's Leadership Symposium

Ryan spoke Saturday at the MBA Leadership Symposium--his final Saturday class! And he did a wonderful job! Oh my goodness! Quinn and I were able to attend...

Ryan, in true Ryan-fashion, prepared an engaging and thoughtful message entitled "Broken". He talked about his own journey in leadership, our family, and what he is learning about brokenness, vulnerability, and leadership. He even did a magic trick to illustrate his point.  People laughed and cried and "got it". It was so.good.

His peers and professors gave him some very kind feedback. It was a great day (although it was a long day of presentations from 8:30AM to 5PM)!

There is only one more chain link of the paper chain left...which will be ripped tomorrow by Ryan with great joy and hooting and hollering by Quinn, Sela, and me.

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