Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ryan Dougherty, MBA

After beginning the MBA program in September of 2009, Ryan is three days and two last class sessions away from completing the 26 month program. Every Monday night, he has been at the Portland Center from 6PM-10PM. He has spent quite a few Saturdays in class. He has met for group projects, skyped for group projects, traveled for group projects, done research, written papers, and completed hours upon hours of homework. 

Our family, October 2009, just after starting the program
And he has done this while working full-time and still being a husband and father. He has written papers ahead of their due dates so he can be more attentive to kids or because he knew other things were going on. But he has also had to sacrifice time with family in order to study, do homework, and attend class. He has gone the extra mile in taking on additional projects when someone on his team needed help. He has put together some amazing presentations. His class voted for him to be the student speaker at their hooding ceremony in December. He has overcome a number of challenges over the past two years even while navigating all the competing responsibilities, requirements, and requests his various roles demand.

Our family, October 2011, three days before the completion of Ryan's MBA
Ryan presents Saturday morning at a Leadership Symposium reflecting on what he has learned. I'm sure it is going to be amazing!

And then. Monday night. 10:00 PM. He will finish his final class. 

And we are SO proud of him.
The paper chain we made for the last week of of Saturday he is down to TWO rings!

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Denee said...

That's awesome! Congratulations!! (To ALL of you!) You guys give me hope, as Steve started his MDiv at Multnomah in January, while still working full time. I know it will be worth it in the end.