Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sela turns 2!

Sela Ruth turned 2 on September 1st!

Here is Sela Ruth on her birthday!

Sela waiting for her birthday cake...she must be thinking "Are you looking at me?"

Sela is spirited, talkative, joyful, assertive, and funny. She loves being wherever Quinn is and loves doing whatever Quinn is doing. She loves her "babies" and totes them around the house. She loves firefighters, Larry-Boy, cars, trains, and hats.

She LOVES music! When she hears a beat, she starts to move. If she is sitting in a shopping cart it is a bounce. If it is in the car it is a fully body shimmy. And if she is somewhere she can move her feet, then watch out! Hands moving, feet going, head bopping. She loves singing.

Some favorite Sela phrases:
"I go too!"
"Good morning, Kin (Sela's word for Quinn)!"
"Where Kin go?"
"Bless you!"
"You okay?"
"We go bye-bye?"
"I jump on tramp-leen (trampoline) too!"
"We read story?"
"Please?" "Thank you!"
"Good job!"
"I go night-night"
"Where my babies?"
"CP time!" (what Sela calls Quinn's therapy)
"Tickle me"
"Chase me"
"Cut the pickle"

Favorite songs Sela Can Sing:
Jesus Loves Me
The Larry Boy theme song
Fireman Sam theme song
Open and shut them/Oh the Lord is Good to Me

She is such a fun and special girl! We can't believe she is two!

happy birthday sela ruth

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