Saturday, September 10, 2011

On the way to kindergarten!

The kindergarten journey has begun!

First with an ice cream social and school supply drop-off. It was neat to see Quinn's classroom and talk with his kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Park. We left all of Quinn's supplies and did a little exploring of the library. Quinn is pretty thrilled about the Cat in the Hat in the library. I love that he wanted to go see where the books were.
Tuesday morning was an Orientation for Quinn. He spent an hour in his classroom with his teacher and half of the class learning about kindergarten. His teacher walked his group down the hall to his class...Quinn had been kind of nervous about going with a few tears the night before but once we were there he was ready to go. Sela and I watched him head down the hall. What a big step! I spent some time talking with our friend Heather who works at the school in the office! Big blessing because we are navigating Quinn's medication and any additional health needs in the school environment with her help.
At the end of the hour classroom visit there was a tea party! With the woman for whom the school is named--Joan Austin! All the students and parents/guests went to the library where there were real tea cups and saucers, tea or lemonade, and lots of cookies. Our friend Heather told Sela about the sugar cubes...and the first thing Sela asked for at the tea was a sugar cube! And she asked again while Mrs. Austin was talking. Ummm...more sugar cubes if you are quiet? Here you go.
Kindergarten officially kicked off on Thursday. When Quinn put on his backpack Thursday morning it was like super-Quinn had arrived! No nerves, just excitement. He was ready to go! Sela wanted to wear her backpack too--she was ready to start! We all went, trooping in, eyes wide open. There were hugs and kisses and Quinn joined the line of kids heading to his classroom. No tears from fact, I was surprised I didn't cry. Instead, I was really agitated. Just a way of dealing with stress I guess.

And after 2 hours and 40 minutes, I headed back over to pick up Quinn. He came out with his class and when he saw me he came running and gave me a huge bear hug. "Mommy!" And he immediately wanted to sit down and show me the papers in his backpack. He thought it was a great morning. He was ready to go back. I asked him what the biggest surprise which he said, "The rules on the playground! You can't run in the field." He spent the rest of Thursday bouncing off the walls! He was so excited!

Friday was his second day. Eager to head back, he wanted to make sure we weren't late. I was nervous because he had to go to the gym to wait with all the kids for the teachers to come get their classes. They wait with their own class but I wondered how he would do with all the people. After I picked him up, we talked about it and he said he wanted to go to school earlier so he could wait for his teacher longer. Ummm....OK. I think he is an extrovert.

He also decided that Eric Carle was his new favorite author because that is his teacher's favorite author. "Mom? Can we check out 18 books by Eric Carle? Mrs. Park said if we tell our parents about Eric Carle we would WOW them. Are you wowed?" Ummm...I'm always wowed by Quinn.

We are excited and nervous and thrilled for Quinn. I'm interested in seeing how the next month unfolds for him. He is already reading and writing. He can look at words and seems to intuitively know what it says. He knows three kids in his class and we are praying for some good interaction with classmates. I'm so glad too that Quinn has sweet little friends to continue playing with and spending time with.

We think we have a good plan set up for Quinn to be able to get his medications at school and have some leeway if there are things that he needs to do for his health. He can use the bathroom whenever he needs to. He can bring the snacks he needs even if it doesn't look "healthy". He can get his medication for snack time from the office. We'll continue to work with the staff through this process.

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Elizabeth said...

Your kiddos are growing up! They are as cute as can be. Happy Birthday, Sela and Happy Kindergarten to Quinn!