Thursday, July 21, 2011

Crooks in the backyard

At some point we must have gone to the park and there must have been a work crew from a prison with a sheriff overseeing the "contribution to society" (i.e. mowing the grass). I was hesitant to hang out (I have seen 'O Brother, Where Art Thou') so instead we headed out to a different park.

Somehow this vague memory has come to the very front of Quinn's mind so today most of his plans have included creating parks in which his sheriff police car sits and oversees "the work".

Right now he and a friend are playing outside. And over hearing their conversation I've discovered that Quinn is "Crookie" and his friend is "Crooks-ana" and they are being forced to work out in the backyard by the sheriff (me).

I hope he doesn't ask me for an orange jumpsuit to use in his dress up clothes :)

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