Monday, July 25, 2011

Music for Monday

I needed some truth music...

some groove music...

and today this is the one.

Check out the video for "Just Wanna Say" by Israel Houghton...

and turn up the volume

and try not to dance.

Friday, July 22, 2011


I had a few hours to myself the other day and in the quiet I thought: I am tired. I don't have any good excuses. I can't pinpoint one specific reason. I just thought: I am tired. Maybe even in a bit of a slump. Feeling unmotivated. Not depressed. Just worn out.

For someone who has a long list of "shoulds" in my head, I've had to acknowledge:

Sometimes things don't happen when they should, they happen when they do.

And so instead of tackling everything on my to do list (like pull the weeds that are being held at bay), I've been doing things like reading. In the last five weeks I've read The Help, The Friday Night Knitting Club, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played With Fire, and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest. Ummm...which I must admit on certain occasions I thought that adrenaline would overtake me or that I would pass out because I was holding my breath as the mystery unfolded. Not exactly light reading. All finished and I'm taking a break from these types of books. Too much for my heart in 35 days...

And now I'm reading Eugene Peterson's A Long Obedience in the Same Direction: Discipleship in an Instant Society. Good. Challenging. Refreshing. Real. Timely.

I am grateful that there is sunshine today. And that there will be sunshine this weekend. Oh my goodness. So thankful!

I have been thinking and processing and mulling and pondering. Asking myself various questions:

Why am I feeling unmotivated?
What is stopping me from doing what I think I need to do?
What are projects I feel need to be done?
What kind of routine and schedule would best help me right now?


How do we want to live?
What is life-giving?
Am I living in a way that is congruent with what I say is important to me?
How am I growing spiritually?
What does Ryan need right now?
What does Quinn need right now?
What does Sela need right now?


What are our financial goals?
What are ways that I could earn additional income? (if you have thoughts, I'm open to ideas...I don't bake, make crafts/sew, or take photos...other options?)

Instead of tackling other projects, I've taken the kids to the park more often. I baked two batches of cookies this week and made gluten-free scones for Ryan. We've been sick two more times since the end of May and I think Ryan is on the mend from his last bout. less than three days Ryan will be done with his last MBA class of the summer. And then he'll have a break from grad school. And then only one.more.class. Then he will have his MBA! If anyone should be tired, it is Ryan. Well, he is tired. Work. Grad school. Family. Life. Health. Seriously.

So, maybe we're all just a little worn out.

Sometimes things don't happen when they should, they happen when they do.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Crooks in the backyard

At some point we must have gone to the park and there must have been a work crew from a prison with a sheriff overseeing the "contribution to society" (i.e. mowing the grass). I was hesitant to hang out (I have seen 'O Brother, Where Art Thou') so instead we headed out to a different park.

Somehow this vague memory has come to the very front of Quinn's mind so today most of his plans have included creating parks in which his sheriff police car sits and oversees "the work".

Right now he and a friend are playing outside. And over hearing their conversation I've discovered that Quinn is "Crookie" and his friend is "Crooks-ana" and they are being forced to work out in the backyard by the sheriff (me).

I hope he doesn't ask me for an orange jumpsuit to use in his dress up clothes :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


If it takes coffee beans and water to make coffee, could I say that I was drinking water when I drink my coffee? Multi-tasking in my beverage intake?