Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sweet Feet

I love Quinn's questions. After Palm Sunday services Quinn asked me what happened to King Herod after Jesus was a man? Ahhhhh...good question. Do you know that it is Herod's son, also called Herod Antipas, that questions and mocks Jesus before handing him back over to Pilate (Luke 23)? As a side note, isn't that an interesting continuation of the relationship of Herod's family with Jesus? Herod wanted to find the baby Jesus in order to kill him. The son of Herod finds Jesus and participates in sending him to his death. Palm Sunday Quinn and I began reading through Luke and the Passion Week. I appreciate how open and interested Quinn is in hearing from the Bible. Thursday night (Maundy Thursday or Holy Thursday) we read through John 13 about Jesus washing the disciples' feet as well as reading in Luke about the Passover Meal. I told Quinn that we were going to do something together and Quinn was eager to discover why we had a bowl of water on the floor. I told Quinn that I was going to wash his feet like Jesus had washed the feet of the disciples.

And then Quinn wanted to wash everyone's feet.

It was a really sweet time of foot washing. Talking about Jesus' words to serve and love. Serving one another. And as Quinn washed Sela's feet he said, "I love you, Sela".

Good Friday we read through Luke's account of Jesus' crucifixion. So painful. We talked about how Jesus was the "Light of the World". I had a candle lit and as we finished reading about Jesus' death, we blew out the candle because the Light of the World had died.

Sunday morning we turned up the Easter Song loud and celebrated the resurrection of Jesus. And lit our candle.

He is Risen!

He is Risen indeed!


Amy Wolff said...

So inspiring Meredith. I hope I'm as inspiring as a mother as you are. I can't wait to have these conversations with Avery.

Elizabeth said...

Such sweet conversations and what a special moment!

Sally said...