Sunday, May 22, 2011

Great Strides Walk

Saturday was the Great Strides Walk! My blog series, "Sharing the Love for Quinn" mentioned this walk and how we were raising money for and awareness about Cystic Fibrosis.

Team Win With Quinn assembled in Portland with 900 other people to walk for friends and loved ones with Cystic Fibrosis (CF). We consider many people to be a part of Team Win With Quinn but it was a joy to have aunts, uncles, cousins, family, and friends represent those that love and support Quinn as we navigate through this world with CF.

Quinn was jazzed to be a leader and was trying to decide what he would say to the group when they all gathered. When the time came, he got shy :) He was excited to hold one of the signs.

The teams were sent along the 3 mile walk based on how much money they had raised. All the figures weren't in for our team yet but I am pleased to report that with your help we raised $4631.45! Plus, students at George Fox University raised $3701 for Team Win With Quinn through a charity event called Mr. Bruin.

SO the grand total is $8332.45 (with a few more dollars yet to be counted)! Isn't that amazing! Our goal was $5000...that is $3332.45 over our goal! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Here is the team at the half way mark! I'm not in the photos...not because I was taking them but because I was sick and at home with Sela. It was a sad, sad morning with a lot of tears from this mama. I had a fever and we felt it wasn't a good plan for me to be around folks for the day. My sister in law would send me texts with pictures and I would cry and celebrate whatever they were doing at that moment. We asked the team to wear green (Quinn's favorite color) so Sela and I wore green at home.

The Portland Great Strides event raised over $200,000 and had the most participation they've ever had. It was such a good thing for us to be a part of this year. To be advocates in a new way for Quinn and others with CF, and to identify with this community (all CF patients were asked to wear a little button rose so patients could make wise decisions about interaction. CF patients are asked to have limited contact with one another because studies show that bacteria transmitted from one patient to another is tougher to eradicate).

Teams were there for little ones with CF, older ones with CF, and in memory of friends and family who had CF.

After the actual walk, there was a big picnic lunch and an opportunity to head to Oaks Park (an amusement park). Quinn had a great time playing with his cousins on lots of rides. He had an adventurous spirit!

By the time Quinn got home he was totally wiped out! And started complaining that his ear was hurting. A LOT. After a quick trip to the doctor and a call to the CF doctor, Quinn got on a round of antibiotics for an ear infection and we got some instructions for additional ways to help Quinn was a lingering cold and cough.

It was a BIG, BIG day! And a BIG, BIG fundraising effort! Thank you for journeying with us...either in person or through our blog. Thanks for taking the time to care: whether through donations, words of encouragement, prayer, or some kindness. Each is special to us.

Thanks for sharing the love for Quinn!


Beth said...

Awesome!! Loved reading such good news about the event and am so proud of GFU's Mr. Bruin crew! Way To Go, Quinn and family!!

Sally said...

So happy to hear that the team exceeded the fundraising goal and had a great time at the event. I'm sorry you were sick. Hope you are feeling better now.