Thursday, March 10, 2011


So the Dougherty household has been fighting illness for about a month now.

Quinn had bronchitis and an ear infection. I'll admit when the doctor ordered a chest x-ray after hearing something in his lungs, I freaked out. After a round of high powered antibiotics he is doing well.

Sela has had a cold since Valentine's Day. The never ending cold. A trip to the doctor confirmed a cold. A trip to the ER one night because she was holding on to walls when she walked and seemed disoriented revealed an ear infection. A round of antibiotics later and she was good to go...for about 24 hours and now the cold is back. She is in bed right now coughing in her sleep.

Ryan has pneumonia. Pneumonia! UGH! He doesn't feel good. He is trying to take care of himself and do some half days at work here and there. Both lungs have "the gunk".

I was sick. All four of us sick at one time...first time and I hope it is the last time. So I was sick and now I'm just really tired. It has been a long stretch without much consistent sleep. I expect Sela and I will be up tonight because she is uncomfortable.

Everyone has something. Right now our focus is on getting healthy. Prayers are of course very welcome!

Here is our little medical tidbit via our pediatrician...spoonfuls of honey are as effective when tested against cough medicine. Seriously. If you're coughing, pull out the honey.

Off to bed!


Raegan said...

That is a new tip for me and with four kids I thought I'd heard it all! LOL! Our pediatrician recommended Benadryl (I think that is spelled wrong) to help ease a cough in kiddos under 6 years of age. Something about the antihistamines working to reduce inflammation. I like the honey option because that I always have on hand I don't always have medicines. Praying for your house to experience wellness.

Beth said...

Oh boy...Meredith, what a challenge...praying for your energy level and patience. I know you must be exhausted. Our pediatrician also just told us three days ago about the honey! Amelia also is battling a cold and ear infection and her best buddy has pneumonia too. Yuck. Ready for the sick season to be done. Praying for you all!!!

Denee Longan said...

Goodness sakes! Sounds like you guys have been hit hard all at once! I'm so sorry, and I will pray for quick healing and long-lasting health!