Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Share the Love for Quinn: Shimmy and Shake

Quinn does something called Chest Percussion Therapy or CPT twice a day. CPT is a treatment that has been going on for years but research has helped determine the most effective ways for it to be done. The idea is that the vibrations of percussion or pounding and vibrating the body--specifically the lungs--helps to clear out mucus that plugs the airways.

For two years we've done this manually using little pink mallets after Quinn's breathing treatment. In November, our CF doctors recommended we add an additional breathing treatment to make two a day and that we purchase the "Smart Vest" for CPT. Instead of the little mallets, the machine acts as an air compressor shooting air in rapid bursts, through a tube, and into this special vest that the patient wears. It vibrates the body and you can set the machine for how rapid the air bursts are sent or how tight the vest is.

First, he uses an inhaler to open up the airways of his lungs. Second, he does a breathing treatment. In the morning, before school he does a breathing treatment for 11 minutes with an inhaled medicine that acts like little scissors cutting through blockage. After doing the breathing treatment, he straps on a red vest to do CPT--yes, he did go with the red vest as it was most like a firefighter. The first ten minutes is set at one level of rapid air intensity. After ten minutes the machine stops and Quinn coughs. Then we have another ten minutes of higher intensity pounding and we finish with Quinn coughing again. The coughing is to help clear out the mucus. The first session, from start to finish takes about 38 minutes.

During his second therapy session, he does the same steps with the inhaler and the breathing treatment but this time the medicine is a special saline solution and it takes about 17 minutes. Then on goes the red vest and CPT begins. It ends the same way with us telling Quinn to cough. This session takes about 45 minutes.

To help with each session, we let Quinn pick out a show to watch. The video below is 49 seconds long and gives you a little glimpse at what CPT looks like at our house. It is a noisy video because the CPT machine is very loud when it is on and the show is turned up louder. But it is real life and real life isn't quiet. Here is a sneak peek of how Quinn shimmies and shakes.

If you would like to help Share the Love for Quinn you can donate to CF research with Team Win with Quinn.


Denee Longan said...

Henri and I just watched this together. I don't think he realizes that most people don't wear vests, or he'd think it's cooler to see Quinn wearing his. Henri's vest is from a different company. His hoses come out the sides, rather than just one on the front. Interesting. I love the "I can't see!!" in the middle of your video. That's totally what Henri would do too. Once the movie is on, he's zoned. I guess it's a blessing!

Elizabeth said...

Meredith -
You have the sweetest kids. I love the glimpses you're giving me to better understand CF. You are a super mom and a very special lady!