Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sela, Sela, Sela

Sela in pictures...

Look at those cheeks!

I like to do what my brother is doing...

If Quinn is in his room, Sela likes to be outside the door or stick her fingers under his door.


Super Cheese!

Thanks for reading to me Karin!

Are you looking at me?
Sela Ruth at 16 months...
Curious, laughter, feisty, independent, snuggly, funny, cute, clever, problem-solver, loving and lovely, loves her brother, dancer, 14 teeth (4 molars and one eye tooth in three weeks!), walks everywhere with purpose

Some Sela words...
dada, mama, baby, shoes, book, Woody, tweet-tweet, duck, woof-woof, mouse, baba (grandpa), hello, Manny, moo, nose, eye, toes, night-night
, uh-oh, no-no, go, happy

We love Sela Ruth!

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Chelsea Anne said...

I love that she says Manny! Quinn has trained her well. :) Every time I see anything Handy Manny, I automatically think of Quinn. :)