Saturday, January 15, 2011

Quinn vs the Sick Bug

One word I would NOT use to describe Quinn is "lethargic". The kid has energy coming out his ears. But in the wee hours of Wednesday night/Thursday morning, he threw up a few times and I could tell that he was HOT. Temperature? Check. Vomit? Check. Sick? Check.

Thursday morning Quinn walked slowly out to the couch and sat down. Sunken eyes? Check. He sat on the couch with his rabbit (his best friend since the NICU) and stared at the TV. Which was off. Stared. We eventually watched Monsters Inc. which was Quinn's first time seeing it.
Out of it? Check. Lethargic? Check. Temperature? Check. More vomit? Check.

It kind of went this way until Friday afternoon. Only one more vomit session. Still had a temperature. Quinn slept from 1-5 Friday afternoon and that was huge! I was starting to get worried because he hadn't come out of his room yet and when I peeked my head into his room, he was just waking up.

He decided he was ready to eat a little something Friday night--some egg, crackers, and banana all stayed down! Still had a temperature but he slept through the night and woke up peppy this morning. No temperature? Check. Singing and dancing around? Check. Imagination in overdrive? Check.

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