Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Quinn Radar

Quinn's current "favorites":
1. Larry-Boy from Veggie Tales. He loves the old Larry-Boy theme song and launches himself down the hall way like he is taking off in the Larry-mobile. He arrives in the living room announcing, "I. AM. THAT. HERO!" I am typically Alfred, his attendant and asparagus. Quinn has made a variety of pictures to place around the house of Larry-Boy, the Larry-mobile, and the special light signal (ala Batman). I think I'm living in the Larry-Boy mansion.

2. Super Why on PBS. I'm really glad that he is all about Super Why right now--it is really a fun show. Four "superheroes" from various Fairy Tales read through books to answer questions by using the alphabet, rhyming, and spelling. Really fun and creative. Super Why's alter ego is Whyatt Beanstalk (his brother is Jack) and he is Quinn's favorite character. Quinn is drawing pictures, doing little Super Why dances, and finding new things to spell.

3. Sid the Science Kid on PBS. Quinn is into Sid and all the discoveries, experiments, and observations that Sid and his friends make. I've learned a few things too about reverse change, inertia, and decay. Sela is getting some early exposure to all these things too because she is usually awake when Quinn is watching the shows during his chest percussion therapy (CPT).

As honorable mention I have to say is Word World. Quinn loves it and I think it really is amazing. All about spelling and sounds, each characters' shape is made from whatever they are. Like Sheep's body is made with the letters "SHEEP." Duck's body is made with the letters "DUCK." So clever!

Quinn is a drawing machine--he is drawing all the time. Making little books, posters, designing fire trucks and fire stations, and drawing all his favorite characters from Disney shows or his own creation. We may need to start planting trees because of all of the paper we are going through at our house.

Quinn loves Sela...most of the time. Tonight he sang a little song about how much he loved Sela and how she was the best sister a brother could ever have. He loves to tickle her toes and make her laugh. It is fun to watch Quinn and Sela walk around making a train or watching Quinn and Sela give one another hugs. He does get frustrated when he is trying to build something and she is trying to "help". Today he was trying to run down the hallway but Sela was sitting in the middle of the hall. When Ryan looked up, Quinn was quietly trying to direct Sela to crawl into the hall closet to clear the path for unobstructed running.

Quinn was talking to me and I had to laugh as he used his "English" accent. He wanted me to use my accent too so we had a lovely conversation. He also has a version of a Scottish accent and some sort of accent he has created when he sings certain songs. Just made me chuckle. He has a few other voices that he does which must be an influence of his dad who has his own voice collection.

Quinn is still loving preschool. Loves to learn, loves to play, and loves to go. He really is like a sponge and just soaks everything up. He asks great questions. He makes me think about how to explain things--whether about Jesus or math or how to spell something. Keeps us on our toes!

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