Friday, December 10, 2010

Quinn's New Vest

At our CF appointment in November, Dr. Wall talked with us about adding an additional breathing treatment and extra session of chest percussion therapy to what we currently do with Quinn each day. We've been using little mallets to do the percussion therapy and with Quinn's age and additional session he felt it was time to upgrade to the "vest". An air compressor is used to send air through a hose which inflates the vest at programmed intervals which "pounds" on Quinn. This is our new version of chest percussion therapy. The new treatments are not a response to changes in Quinn's lungs, praise the Lord, but they are important in the process of doing the most we can to help his lungs stay clear so issues don't arise.

Quinn chose a red vest so he could be a fireman. Here are a few pictures of Quinn with his vest, firefighter gear, the hose, and air compressor.

We recorded a video of Quinn using the vest so you can see and hear what it is like but are having a hard time loading it. His breathing treatment is about 10 minutes for two times a day and then the vest is used after each treatment for about 20 minutes. All in all he spends about an hour to an hour and a half each day. We let Quinn watch a show during these sessions so this is his main TV time for the day. My mama heart is a little sad that he has to do this each day. He is such a trooper. He does great with the vest but had a really hard time with the second breathing treatment. There are challenges in all this but we're looking to find our "new normal". At some point these things won't feel as overwhelming and we'll just feel like "this is what we do each day". Quinn really does an awesome job.

Looking forward to that new normal.

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Denee Longan said...

I don't know why, but I totally started crying when I saw the pictures of Quinn in his vest! Thank you for sharing this. I LOVE knowing that other kids go through the same "normal" things as Henri. And I love that Quinn is a firefighter in his vest. So sweet. Please say hello to him for me and that I think of him often and pray for him.