Saturday, October 23, 2010

We made it!

It has been a challenging week in the Dougherty household. Sela got her 7th tooth, felt under the weather, and had an ear infection. Our sweet Quinn has been a little more on the sour side this week with more complaining, talking back, and time outs than I would like to count. I've been sick--you know that sick that isn't sick enough to send you straight to bed but now well enough to do what you would normally do? And Ryan has had work and class and homework and life in general. Big talks about big things, making big decisions and just "doing life". I'm thankful that we made it to the weekend!

The other night when Sela was up I finally just decided to stay up rather than lay back down for 15 minutes and get back up with Sela...hit the repeat button for 3 hours...up, down, up, down until 3am. I got to select some new books from the library (including "Bringing Up Boys" by Dobson...note statement about Quinn above). I really love the library. Recently my main times to read are when I'm doing Quinn's breathing treatment and we have a concentrated 30 minutes or so to sit together. I've mastered the art of holding various pieces of equipment while keeping my place in the book. Right now I'm reading "How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth" which I've really enjoyed and given me some things to think through.

This week I had my own "Meredith and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day". After that crazy night of being up with Sela until 3am we decided I should take her to the doctor just to check and see what was going on for her. She's had a big cough which sounded really ragged and rattle-y, not typically a good thing.

I called our pediatrician's office and was able to get an appointment for 11:15am. But then I got to thinking, I had asked if the clinic was busy with walk ins and it sounded pretty slow so I thought I should cancel the appointment and take the kids in earlier so we could get Sela checked out and home for a nap. It was a decent plan but perhaps it was influenced by my lack of sleep. Can you see where I'm going?

The kids were ready, I threw on a hat, and headed out the door. I had canceled my 11:15 appointment and we checked in about 9:45am. One walk in before us who got called back right away.

Thus began our wait...

Two kids who wanted to be down on the floor playing with the toys in the waiting area to which my mama-germaphobe heart is going...NOOOOOOOOOOO! This is not a playground! Yuck!!!!

We were called back to a room at 10:55am. I was SO frustrated...with myself and with the situation!

We were waiting to see a doctor at 11:15am.


Same time as my initial appointment.

And I couldn't do anything about it! My own choice! I was so frustrated! Ryan was coming back from a meeting he'd had in Tualatin and actually met me at the office, bless his heart! I was trying to hold it together and I was so glad to see his face.

Little Sela got her prescription...and we left.

I waited for medication at the shower, hat on, so tired--a look I sported much of this week.

Quinn continued to have a series of "moments" (see note above).

My sweet friend called about something else but was gracious to listen to me talk and cry. Oh was one of those days!

That was earlier this week. Now it is Saturday night. I feel better. Quinn had a time-out free day which was so great for all of us! My sweet boy! Sela is just as funny and dear as ever. Ryan got to watch some football though he had homework he worked on this morning and more homework he is currently working on now. His 33rd birthday is Sunday!!!!

I'm always thankful that every morning is new, with new possibilities, and a fresh start. We need it!


Wilson Family said...

Oh friend! I have been there so many many times, my heart goes out to you! Glad you made it through and that the weekend is here! Keeping looking up for your strength, he is a good God.

Sam & Arwen said...

Mere- I totally feel your pain! I feel like I have one of those days once a week... I'm sure I don't it just feels like those days multiply! The weekend is a nice break! :-)