Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sela is ONE

Sela's golden birthday was this year...turning one on September 1st. What a JOY to celebrate Sela's first year of life and it was a grand birthday week to be sure. Really, the key is Sela. She is such a delightful, smiley, curious bundle of sweetness.

She already seems to have a lot to say...she chatters all the time and sometimes I have to stop and think about what sounds I just heard because I think she actually said something!

We have a great time singing together...Sela "sings" and bobs her head. She will even do hand motions: clapping or waving one pointer finger around while singing "This Little Light of Mine". Another fun Sela "trick" is when we say "Hip, Hip, Hooray" she will raise her hands up high when we say "Hooray!"

She is about 20 pounds and 29 inches--she grew two inches since June! Sela is still cruising along the furniture and will walk around when you hold her hands but so far she hasn't started walking on her own. She is fast and can crawl like lightning when she wants to get to Quinn or something. She has also discovered great joy in crawling up onto chairs where she preferably likes to stand up and give her parents' a heart attack.

On Sela's birthday we took our usual birthday trip to Chapters! Just because Sela can't drink coffee doesn't mean anything!

That night we did our official birthday party with family. Sela really enjoyed people singing to her. And I made her a peach and blueberry cobbler for her cake! She eagerly ate whatever she could put in her mouth including the fistful of vanilla ice cream she crammed in there too!

So fun to celebrate with the "Newberg family" and then we continued the celebration with the "Springfield family" over the weekend! Sela and her Uncle Derek are September 1st birthday partners so it was great fun to have a joint birthday party for the two of them (after the Dougherty guys and I went to the Ducks opening football game, of course).

Sunday we were able to have a special dedication time at church led by Grandpa and Grandma Dougherty where Grandpa Dougherty is the pastor. Their words and prayers were meaningful and full of truth. I'm glad that we could affirm our intention to teach Sela about Jesus and to follow him as a family. While we don't get to Springfield as often as we would like, we know how faithfully the church family there has prayed for our little family. From the time that Quinn was born until now, their willingness to pray for us and care for us in this very real way touches me very deeply. It was really sweet to have that time together.
Hip, Hip, Hooray for Sela!

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Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Sela! :) Sounds like so many fun birthday traditions are beginning in the Dougherty household.