Saturday, August 28, 2010

...Three, Four, Five!

You may be wondering how days three, four, and five went of swim lessons! Did we discover the next Michael Phelps or did we have a new tadpole on our hands? After day one we wondered if we would be back for day two. Day two we wondered if he would actually smile while in the pool. Day three, well, day three was a good day it just kept getting better.

Day Three

Day three Quinn was willing to float on his back and on his front with some direction from the teacher. He really didn't want to put his face in the water and wasn't sure about trying what she was asking him to do. When it came time to jump from the side into the water...well that last picture shows Quinn starting to sit down on the side...then he would kind of s l i d e....into the water. And we were all about encouragement!

Day Four

Day four brought a sub instead of the regular teacher and she did a good job with the three little boys. While the continued floating on the fronts and backs, Quinn told the teacher a couple of times that he didn't want to try a few things she was asking them to do. It was so interesting watching him and observing the progress of the week. While he wasn't eager to do everything, he didn't cry and he did participate. The teacher carried the kids over on her back to go off a little slide into the water. Quinn wanted no part of that plan and would again stand on the side, move to sitting, and then slide into the pool. Grandma and Grandpa Jessup came and Quinn really liked have a few more spectators to cheer for him!

Day Five...The Final Day!

We made it to the last day of swim lessons! Quinn laughed and smiled in the pool. He enjoyed playing with the two other boys in his lessons and he really tried everything the teacher asked him to do (this was after a mom "pep" talk about trying new things)! He put his face in the water, moved his arms, kicked his legs, and you could tell his confidence had grown! He had a chance to go down the little slide again...he actually went down the slide! Well, he went down the slide but before he went down he figured out how to wedge himself in the slide so that he wouldn't actually land in the water. The picture above shows him sitting at the end of the slide before he wiggled off directly into his teacher's arms. I was impressed with his planning :)

Aunt Danae came to watch too and Quinn was excited to see her. Quinn finished up his lesson with a little certificate and a LOT more comfort in the pool. I'm looking forward to taking him back to the pool soon! We went over to the little playground outside the pool and played on the equipment for a bit before heading home.

It was a good learning experience for us as parents too. We won't always be able to control his circumstances but we can help him navigate through those experiences. I loved seeing his confidence grow!


Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

Yay, Quinn!! Way to go, buddy!!

P.S. Meredith, your haircut suits you so well!! I LOVE IT!

Wilson Family said...

Great to see some pics of you guys! Boy Selah sure is cute in those. Who would have thought you would be at the Chehalem Aquatic center with your wife and two kids Ryan. It was nice to see pics of "our park"! Kenneth sure spent a lot of time climbing around on that play area. Great to see you guys this past Saturday! We got to have you out for dinner sometime.