Monday, August 23, 2010

Swim Lessons

Today was the first day of swim lessons for Quinn! For a half hour every day Quinn will get to be in the pool and learn a few things about swimming. It is crazy that we've waited this take him to the pool! My goodness! It will be an interesting week. Quinn likes the idea of swimming but isn't so sure about getting his face wet or feeling cold and wet.

Quinn and two other little boys were a part of the lesson and Quinn tried everything the swim teacher asked him to try. The tricky part is that on the raised dock that the kids stand on, Quinn got too close to the edge while jumping up and down to stay warm and jumped right off the edge of the dock into the deeper water.

It really freaked him out and I wound up talking with him while he was out of the pool coughing. And when Quinn gets scared and starts coughing, he typically throws up too. Sure enough, he threw up. I told him I was going to shower him off and he was going to get back in the pool. He cried and really didn't want to but we got back out there and he cautiously rejoined the lesson.

At that point the kids were jumping off the side to the teacher...and he did it too! He lasted until the end of the lesson and then he was ready to be done!

We asked him what his favorite part of the lesson was and he said:
"The end. When I got to come see you guys!"

I'm hoping tomorrow goes better...

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