Sunday, August 22, 2010

Of teeth and toothpaste

Teeth have been a big part of the Dougherty household the last few days. We've decided that Sela should be the new poster child for teeth-brushing. She still has four teeth but I'm pretty sure that dentists across the country wish all kids would brush their teeth like her.

Quinn also had a tooth encounter this past Friday. He somehow landed on the floor in the hallway while trying to bring a stuffed bear to Sela. He hit his top front teeth and gum on the floor which caused some serious bleeding. He was one sad dude. After a conversation with the dentist, we're keeping an eye on the gum and teeth. The teeth don't appear to be loose or pushed back but the gum is really tender. Quinn and Ryan were wrestling the day after and Quinn got a little bumped and it was back to ice and cold washcloths and more blood. Poor little man! He is a real trooper considering his gum area looks black!

Teeth, teeth, and more teeth!

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