Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hay for the elephants

Quinn was having some "quiet play time" in his room this afternoon. An hour of uninterrupted play time and quality imagination building on his own while mommy does other projects and Sela takes her nap. Quinn often comes out to tell me something or show me something. Today he wanted me to come see "Farmer Brown and the elephants in their stall and the hay".

He said, "Mom, I'm using my clothes as the hay. That is a creative idea isn't it?" To which I said, "Yes, that is a very creative idea" while thinking to myself, I wonder if the clean clothes that were all folded in his laundry basket are now "hay" all over the room.

Quinn had created a stall for the imaginary elephants guarded by Mickey Mouse who was playing the part of Farmer Brown. And all of his clean clothes were in piles for hay. Lots of piles. Quinn said, "Is that ok?" He may have seen the initial look on my face but I said, "That is ok. That was a very creative way to make hay."

It didn't take me very long last night to fold them...and two times folding the laundry never hurt anyone. At least the elephants were fed.


Sally said...

How very sweet!

Smith Family said...

=) Adorable. You're such a good mom.

Jamie said...

What a great mom! Those are the moments that I have a hard time holding my tongue.....but I am slowly learning! Thanks for sharing.