Saturday, July 24, 2010

Starting with today...

A beautiful day in the neighborhood today! We've had some adventures in the last few weeks and we'll start with today! A great Saturday of parades, sunshine, and friends. It is Old Fashioned Festival Weekend in Newberg and that means there are parades, a carnival, fireworks, and lots to do and see. This morning we took in the Old Fashioned Festival Parade--one of the largest in Oregon.

Lots of floats from around town, a chance to see people you know, and a few politicians in the mix (Chris Dudley, former NBA player and candidate for Governor was there too). One of the Grand Marshals was Bachelor contestant and Newberg native, Tenley Molzahn.

Quinn's favorite part of the parade were the rescue workers and vehicles--especially the fire trucks. Sela waved at people walking by and clapped to the music. My folks watched, my sister in law and her mother in law were there, and my sister, brother in law, and nephew came by too. My neck and arms are a bit pink but it was so great to be in the sunshine!

Chris Dudley, ex-NBA player, tall, future governor?

A fun morning at the parade and after Grandpa and Sela had a quick dance...

we headed home for some lunch and a chance to see our friend Karin from Texas! Fun times to connect and talk. Quinn thought she was pretty awesome too :)

Ryan had lots of homework today but the good news is that his last grad class for the summer is this MONDAY! Classes don't start back up until September...and he'll be done DONE in October of 2011. Just about one year down and one month to go!

The kiddos are sleeping, Ryan is working on homework, and I think it might be time for a little bowl of ice cream with fresh raspberries (that I picked this week!!!). Some more food thoughts to come!

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Your hair is so, so, so cute, Mer!