Monday, June 28, 2010

Is it almost July?

I can't remember when the days seemed to fly by so quickly...July is almost here and there are a thousand and one things I was planning on doing, started doing, almost did, or haven't quite finished doing and I am ready to get some things done! One of those things was blogging and posting pictures and moving the blog to private (at the beginning of June) and now it is June 28th...two more days until July 1st!

On the agenda today...make baby food for Sela, straighten up the house and return a multitude of things to their original "homes" in the house, run by the bank (and Dutch Brothers to "fuel up" with a Dutch Freeze), and file lots of paperwork. And maybe do some writing...if I'm lucky :) Sela is sound asleep (she'll be ten months old on the first!) and Quinn is playing quietly in his room. To give mama an extra amount of "put the house in order time" Quinn gets to watch Toy Story 1 when quiet play time is over :)

OK, I'm ready to check some things off my list and clear off my kitchen table!

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Smith Family said...

Hope you have a great day and get lots of things checked off your to-to list. Yum - enjoy our Dutch freeze too!