Saturday, May 22, 2010

Life has been pretty full as of late with work and homework for Ryan and the regular "doing life" things for Quinn, Sela, and me. Ryan was gone for a few days attending a conference in Boise and got back this afternoon. We were so glad to see him! First thing this morning Quinn asked, "Does dad get back today!?" It has been a busy May for Ryan and it was so great to get some time together after he got back today. Quinn was immediately ready to play and run around! Sela was all smiles!

Quinn and Sela went down for naps/rest times and we actually got to talk. Well...I talked and Ryan listened :) Sometimes I just have to talk and Ryan was a great, great listener. Then there was even time for naps for the adults! Long naps for everyone today! Dinner and then we had a good stretch of sunshine in order to go outside for a walk. Quinn rode his bike, Sela was bundled up in the stroller, and we got to spend some time at the playground and riding, riding, riding! The sun was bright, the clouds were huge and white, and the hills around Newberg were dark green and blue where you could see major rain in the distance. It was amazing to be dry while you could see it was pouring on the hills with the big dark clouds.

Quinn's doing well on his bike, though struggling to brake. An important skill to to stop the bike without jumping off. I love little boy helmet head.

It was such a needed time to all be in one place at the same time and just BE together. Hooray!

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