Saturday, May 22, 2010

Life has been pretty full as of late with work and homework for Ryan and the regular "doing life" things for Quinn, Sela, and me. Ryan was gone for a few days attending a conference in Boise and got back this afternoon. We were so glad to see him! First thing this morning Quinn asked, "Does dad get back today!?" It has been a busy May for Ryan and it was so great to get some time together after he got back today. Quinn was immediately ready to play and run around! Sela was all smiles!

Quinn and Sela went down for naps/rest times and we actually got to talk. Well...I talked and Ryan listened :) Sometimes I just have to talk and Ryan was a great, great listener. Then there was even time for naps for the adults! Long naps for everyone today! Dinner and then we had a good stretch of sunshine in order to go outside for a walk. Quinn rode his bike, Sela was bundled up in the stroller, and we got to spend some time at the playground and riding, riding, riding! The sun was bright, the clouds were huge and white, and the hills around Newberg were dark green and blue where you could see major rain in the distance. It was amazing to be dry while you could see it was pouring on the hills with the big dark clouds.

Quinn's doing well on his bike, though struggling to brake. An important skill to to stop the bike without jumping off. I love little boy helmet head.

It was such a needed time to all be in one place at the same time and just BE together. Hooray!

Friday, May 21, 2010


Yesterday we had good adventures! The weather couldn't make up its mind...rain, sun, thunder, hail, or clouds? So how about a little bit of everything. During the last sunshine of the day, Quinn climbed a tree in the back yard and we saw the first iris bloom of the spring.

We had a good day getting a few things at the grocery store in order to spend some time at our friend Natasha's house getting a tutorial on making homemade baby food!

I've been thinking a lot about food...I like food. It really is so delicious. I've lost 42 pounds since September. I have 3 pounds to go to hit pre-baby weight and my goal was to be there by June. I think that last bit will have to come off during the summer because Nan, the midwife extrodinaire, wants me to eat more. Again, I like food. This is not a challenge for me :) I realized that while I want to get to that pre-baby weight, I also want to be strong. Not strong like "I'll never need help lifting a heavy object, Ryan you're out of a job" strong but strong like "confident, take care of my body" strong. Which means I might need to pull out the weights I bought in January and used five times and really start using them and moving. I think I could be excited about that.

Sela started on solids at about 6.5 months. It has been a really good and smooth process introducing new foods to her. She is an eager eater...she knows that sitting in the highchair means that food is right around the corner and initially she would make this little grunting sound like she was reminding us she was ready and waiting to munch on some goodness. She eats carrots, sweet potatoes, peas with brown rice, green beans, rice cereal, oatmeal, prunes, winter squashes, summer squashes, applesauce, bananas, mangoes, shredded cheese, yogurt, chicken mixed in with veggies, egg yolk, and pears plus maybe a few other things. She didn't like peaches...too tart and she wasn't so sure about whole plain yogurt but today was our first attempt.

Thinking about feeding Sela really evoked some powerful feelings surrounding food. The first centered on what it was like feeding Quinn. In many ways, that first year is a total blur and I can't remember things, almost like I blocked them out. In another way, the anxiety and fear surrounding feeding Quinn was right at the surface and rather than specific moments, I remember lots of throwing up, lots of crying (by Quinn and me), and lots of helplessness. Until he was diagnosed with reflux, there wasn't anything to stop the vomiting and then the push to pump him with calories really stunted what we could do in exploring food. If I knew then what I know now it might have been different but I didn't. With Sela, this is so simple. She just eats. She doesn't throw up. She likes it. Easy. Yeah for Sela!

The other thing that I've been thinking about is what Sela is or non-organic. And if I'm wondering about that for Sela, then what does that mean for the rest of us? Is it important? And how does eating organically impact a food budget? Learning how to make our own baby food will answer a bit of both of those questions. That conversation will continue!

Natasha showed me the ropes and we did carrots, broccoli, cantaloupe, and mangoes. Got them all blended up and then filled up quite a few ice cube trays. It was a great first attempt and I feel more confident in how to do more in the future.

Now off to eat a bedtime snack!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Roots, New Strength, New Season

It is a new month.... Lots of thoughts and lots of happenings, lots of adventures and lots of things to anticipate. Ryan's work life and grad school responsibilities have been very full and Quinn and Sela are growing and blooming. I've been holding down the fort--birthday parties, thinking about food (and eating it), reading some, talking some, learning some, dreaming some, and decorating some.

So friends and family, I've been thinking about writing and sharing our lives through stories and pictures on the blog. Sometimes when I write I imagine a large reading public that might be waiting to read my little thoughts and ideas. But sometimes our stories are just personal and maybe that imaginary reading public is actually a group of faces and names that we know and invite to journey with us. I don't know if anyone is like me...I wander through blogs from one to another and wind up on someone's blog from Utah that I don't know or someone in Michigan who is talking about motherhood or faith or frugal living or someone in Canada that has a really cute bathroom or someone in South Carolina who is sharing about health issues.

I'm thinking that our blog will soon be a spot for just family and friends (no one like me "peeking" in). As we move to setting our blog to private, we do want to give people access who would like it (and if I don't know you, feel free to introduce yourself). As long as I type in your email address, you'll have access to the blog and when you come to our blog, you'll just have to type in that email address. Pretty simple!

We'll move to private settings at the start of June so just send me a little note!