Monday, February 1, 2010

Tackling the house tasks

Before we had Sela I would do most all my cleaning tasks on one day. I tried that with the two...not a good plan. I've been trying to figure out a way to tackle these things and not wonder when I can get these things done. I finally figured out how much I thought I could realistically do each day--with realistic being the key word. I can usually do two tasks each day, sometimes three. Mondays I can do more because Ryan has class in the evening. My goal is to get these things done before the weekend and without taking family time to do them. Quinn likes to help--or at least he likes to pretend to vacuum and he is a big fan of the broom. He is a big fan of dusting.

Sometimes these tasks feel overwhelming but I've been learning a couple of things:
-these things take less time than I think they will
-I need to take the things I enjoy least and do them early...dusting isn't my favorite thing.
-It is essential that I am realistic about what I tackle...determine what things I'm going to take care of each day but swap tasks between days if needed. My plan to vacuum one day might change if Sela is napping and I can clean the bathrooms quietly instead.
-I don't want to do laundry all the time. If I do it at the beginning of the week, it is done and not hanging over my head to finish. And, I try to put it away as soon as it is done...folding the laundry in the room where it needs to go helps me so it doesn't sit.

Here is what is working for me:

Monday-sheets/towels laundry, dust, ironing,
Tuesday-dark laundry, vacuum
Wednesday-white laundry,
Thursday-clean bathrooms, mop
Sunday-two week dinner plan every other week, make a plan for the week

Groceries on Tuesday or Wednesday every other week
Pay bills, go over receipts and budget throughout the week

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Erin said...

i like your plan. mine is usually to eliminate items such as dusting... haven't done it in months. And ironing is really over-rated, so is mopping, so is putting the laundry away (or at least some people in our house seem to think so ;-)).