Monday, February 22, 2010

Giving Love

Sunday morning Quinn said, "Mom, do you know why I like you?"
"No, Quinn. Why do you like me?"
"Because you give me love."
"Oh Quinn," I said, "I love you very much. And I like how you give me love too."
Quinn said, "Even if you aren't right here, do you love me?"
"I love you even if I'm not right here."

"If you were in Africa and I was here would you love me?"
"Even if I was in Africa and you were here, I would love you. If you were in Africa and I was here I would love you."
"If dad wasn't here, would dad still love me?"

"If dad was someplace else, he would still love you."
"We all love each other!"

I told Ryan about our conversation and Ryan said...

Saturday morning when you were gone Quinn said, "I NEED mom!"

Ryan told Quinn that he didn't NEED mom--he needed food, water, shelter, and love (can you hear the parent who is with the child explaining why they don't *need* the parent who isn't there...because the present parent CAN do what needs to be done).

Quinn thought for a minute and replied, "I need mom. Mom gives me love."


Audrey said...

Mere, I love this. Moms do give good love. What a special relationship you two have.

Sally said...

What a precious "Quinn-ism." Simply put, wise, deep, true.

Jamie said...

OH SO SWEET...that conversation is priceless! We enjoyed your letter and family pic that you sent us. Thanks so much! :)