Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome 2010...It is good to see your smile...

It is a blast to celebrate New Year's Eve with friends and we had our second annual "Rio New Year's Eve" celebration! Rather than waiting for midnight in Newberg, we wait for midnight in Brazil to say "Happy New Year" and then we call it an evening and all run home to put our kids to bed :) Kim's picture captures our evening:

Besides welcoming in a new year (I like "twenty-ten" instead of two thousand ten) with a few goals and priorities for the year, there are some things that I'm thankful for from 2009.
  • I am so thankful for the safe arrival of Sela Ruth
  • I am thankful for Quinn's enthusiasm, questions, and hugs
  • I am thankful for Ryan's intentionality with Quinn, Sela, and me in the midst of a busy fall
  • I am thankful for our week long trip to Disneyland with Quinn. It was SO much fun!
  • I am thankful for a week with all the Doughertys--even though it was the hottest week of the year!
  • I am thankful for our small group--doing life together (whether in person or by email) in a faith community is great!
  • I am thankful for the work I was able to do at Fox with student transitions and helping generate awareness of who our neighbors are that we are called to love
  • I am thankful for coffee and conversations
  • I am thankful for an important reminder to remember the ways God has wired me, what I care deeply about, and how following Jesus compels me to do something.
  • I am thankful for family I talk to everyday and family I talk to every few months.
  • I am thankful for friends I talk to regularly and those that I keep up with on facebook.
In 2010, I do have a few goals...things that are priorities in the new year:
  • Start working out and keep pressing forward to lose the weight I gained last year (my target date is May 1st).
  • Start drinking more water and less Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi (but it is SO good)!
  • Read more _______ (The Bible, for fun books, serious books, parenting books, history books)
The hanging out of this Christmas break is just about done...and on to a return to routines and living out the goals for 2010. Hmmm...I think I'm kind of excited!

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