Friday, January 29, 2010

Making progress

My three goals I mentioned at the start of the new year were:
  • Start working out and keep pressing forward to lose the weight I gained last year (my target date is May 1st).
  • Start drinking more water and less Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi (but it is SO good)!
  • Read more _______ (The Bible, for fun books, serious books, parenting books, history books)
I'm making progress...
  • I have 12 more pounds to go to get to my target weight. That is 4 pounds less since my original post in December but it I know that I had gained a few pounds with all the amazing holiday food so I think it would be safe to say 7 pounds. I feel good about that. It means I enjoyed the good foods but am still able to lose it. I got to go to a couple of classes at the gym to try out a Body Pump class taught by the best teacher ever (Natasha). I was reminded that I haven't worked out...for a r e a l l y long time. So glad for the opportunity but it just isn't the time to join the gym so I bought some hand weights and am using some cable work out sessions--a good reason to have cable again :) I have to keep working on this one.
  • I am drinking way less Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi but that doesn't mean I'm drinking more water.
  • I am reading a bit more...Soul Survivor by Yancey and A History of the Middle East by Peter Mansfield.
Baby steps, baby steps...

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