Sunday, January 3, 2010

A full Christmas break!

These few weeks of vacation have been really excellent. I was thinking about our vacations of the past...summer vacations in school, summer break while in college, spring breaks, Christmas vacation, trips we took when we didn't have kids, trips (or lack of trips) we take now that we have kids. Since Quinn has been a part of the family we've been away from him thirty-three nights total (thirty nights he was in the NICU, once overnight while we went to Portland and he stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Jessup, and the other two nights when we were at the hospital after Sela was born--I wouldn't be opposed to another overnight trip with the two adults). This vacation has again been filled with lots of family time and it is fun to have two adults and two kids this year!

Ryan took two weeks off over the break and it was so great for all of us. Two weeks without work or grad school! So what did we do...

We spent time with Ryan's family in Springfield before Christmas which was fun! Quinn loved playing with Grandma Dougherty, Ryan and Uncle Kyler worked hard to conquer every possible level of Mario Kart on the Wii, Sela hung out and enjoyed her first trip to Springfield, and enjoyed time with the family!

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Newberg. We had a lovely Christmas Eve...our tradition is to go out for Mexican food (which I've most every Christmas Eve since I can remember) and then attend Christmas Eve service. This year we made sugar cookies before service and after service we decorated sugar cookies. Another tradition is that Quinn gets a pair of new pajamas Christmas Eve and this year Sela also got her pair too.

We've had lots of good conversations with Quinn about Jesus--about his birth, his life, Mary and Joseph, the angels, their trip to Egypt, King Herod, his death, and his resurrection. Christmas morning we made lattes, french toast and eggs, and enjoyed our time opening up gifts and hanging out. Quinn had lots of songs to sing--about Jesus, Frosty, and jingle bells.

We had a nice Christmas meal with my folks, sister, brother-in-law, and nephew. It was fun this year to establish more Christmas traditions and celebrations at our house and look forward to doing that for years and years to come.

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