Friday, January 15, 2010

For those...

my heart and eyes are weeping for
the mothers with babies they are trying to care for
for the pregnant mamas who are suffering miscarriages
for the sons and daughters who are orphans
for the widows
for those in great pain and confusion
for those with breaking hearts
for those who cannot find family
for those who are living in the nightmare
for those that are grieving
for those that are working to find and rescue
for those that are ministering to the hurt and wounded
for those that are waiting
for those...
for those...
for those...

and I am aware of the great tension that exists as I sit in my warm house stocked with food and clean water with enough medical supplies to care for all my family. With a baby to hug and a little boy to snuggle and a dear husband.

Lord, please have mercy. Please bring your Holy Spirit close, close, close, close, close, close. Move Lord. We ask you to move. Words are not enough. We all need you. Amen.