Saturday, December 12, 2009

Putting Together the Advent Calendar

I would never describe myself as crafty. I'm overwhelmed by the idea of making cute things and I GREATLY admire people who thrive on making cool stuff. I put something together every so often but it has to be an idea that really connects to me in order to pull out the hot glue gun and hit the scrapbook aisle. Making the Advent Calendar was one idea that snowballed. I thought I'd share how simple it is to do and where the idea came from.

I had been looking in a Pottery Barn catalog and saw a large neutral colored calendar that had large tags pinned to it with each day numbered until Christmas. They had hung ornaments on each pin with the idea that you'd hang their cool ornaments on each day until you got to Christmas. I really liked the calendar--it was really simple and the tags were cool, but I didn't want to hang ornaments. I had been thinking of a way to do Advent and to mark each day until Christmas and the idea of doing words in place of the ornaments came to mind. I love words and it is a great way to have conversations about Jesus and why we are preparing for Christmas.

On to how I made the calendar...I wrote out how I did this two years ago but I don't know how to link to it :) I revamped it a bit this year and originally had each day of December on it but because Advent started in November I needed to add some squares to it and remove the numbers so here is how it stands now:

1. I picked up foam board (big enough to fit 4 rows of 7 4x4 squares), fabric to cover the board, staples, pins with little colored balls on the end (they're a little nicer to look at), 4x4 scrapbook adhesive squares (you can peel the backing off the square and stick them on), ribbon to hang the board, some sturdy paper for printing words, thin ribbon to attach to the back of the words so they can hang on the pins.

2. I covered the foam board with the fabric and stapled it on the back so it was snugly covered. I stapled ribbon on to the back to use to hang the calendar on the wall.

3. I put the squares into four rows and arranged them the way I wanted then peeled off the backings and stuck them to the board.

4. I stuck a pin at the top of each square.

5. I chose words to use for each day, typed them all with different fonts, and then printed them out. I cut each one out and then used the small thin ribbon to make into a loop and then tape to the back of the word. I keep all the words in an envelope and Quinn chooses a word from it. Here are the words I chose (but I need to add two more words):

hope, peace, joy, love, Jesus, Immanuel, Advent, sacrifice, truth, patience, forgiveness, belief, family, Holy Spirit, help, grace, salvation, resurrection, life, thanksgiving, praise, worship, glorify, faithful, mercy

Each Sunday has a big word we talk about and read verses with (1st Hope, 2nd Peace, 3rd Joy, 4th Love, and Christmas Day is Jesus).

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Wilson Family said...

Awesome! Thnaks for sharing! I hope to make one for next year!