Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sela is negative for cystic fibrosis

We spent the morning at OHSU which was an adventure because of the swine flu. At the check in area the front desk people were directing people to sit in the flu symptoms section or the non flu symptoms section. Lots of people with masks and lots of hand sanitizer. My goodness! Thankfully it was just Ryan, Sela, and me but we do take Quinn up next week. Masks for everyone!

We had Sela's sweat test appointment--she was a real trooper! She was wrapped up really warmly with two little "thingies" (that isn't that medical term but I don't know what it is) were attached to her arms to collect sweat. And sweat she did! This is great because it is hard to get sweat from little ones to be able to test for CF. They collected a great sample and said we would get a call this afternoon about the results.

So we waited all afternoon knowing that her first screening had come back negative but we wanted to have that final stamp of approval.

It was after 4 and we still hadn't heard so I finally called the CF clinic's nurse and left a message--"please call us!" Our nurse Ben, who is the BEST nurse around, called us about 4:30. He said that since he was calling us and not the doctor...there was good news. Her test came back clearly negative!

Praise God! We are so thankful and are still trying to let this soak in. I think I still have some mixed emotions. So glad for Sela and at the same time I feel very positive for Quinn. So glad she won't have to endure whatever issues CF could bring, but so thankful for Quinn's health and hopeful for him.

The sweaty little girl just got a nice bath. She smells good. She has lots of little rolls covered up in pink pajamas. Her big brother is in bed in his favorite fireman pajamas, sound asleep with his feeding tube hooked up. We are thankful for these two and the privilege to be their parents.



Sally said...

Calls for a celebration, don't you think? Sela testing negative and Quinn's health. Happy halloween.

Aj Schwanz said...

Hurrah hurrah for all! So many blessings: thanks for sharing.

And good to know about the mask thing. I have to take the Little Miss in for a hearing screening at St. V.'s: probably should expect the same (sigh).

Shannon said...

I'm so thankful to read this news! I've been meaning to check for days to see if you had the tests back yet. Many blessings for the whole family.

Jamie said...

WE are so thankful for the great news! :)