Saturday, September 5, 2009

At home...

It is so good to be at home together. We're adjusting well and glad to have such great supportive family and friends, both near and far. Quinn is doing really well with Sela and it is fun to see him respond to her. He is really, really helpful and sweet though he has his moments of trying to figure out what all this is about or why she cries or all the other things with having a four day old person in your home :) Ryan and I are thankful that our family is all home together and that we are doing this together--Team Dougherty.

I've been processing a lot of things--experiences from Quinn's birth and NICU stay and now this experience with Sela. I'll probably write more about some of those things in the future but I do want to say what a redemptive and awesome experience Sela's birth was--such a healing time for me. I know that the Lord was in each of these babies births through and through. I'm grateful for the prayers the Lord said yes to in this process and we are grateful to be a family of four.

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