Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fireman Quinn

Quinn has developed a love a for all things that have to do with fire engines, fire stations, firefighters, fire hats, fire get the picture. It all started with a little show called "Fireman Sam" that is on the Children's BBC and I think now on OPB. There are plenty of shows that are on Youtube if you want to take a peek--this is a link to the theme song.

Last week we went to the fire station to see if our two car seats were installed correctly (Ryan got a 100% on car seat installation). We also got an AWESOME tour of the fire station which made Quinn's week. He wore his fire hat and fire boots (galoshes with flames on them) while Fireman Eric gave us a tour of the sleeping quarters, work out area, all the gear, and ALL the engines, trucks, boats, ambulances, and equipment the firefighters use! Quinn got to sit in a fire truck, hold a fire ax with Fireman Eric, try on a fire hat, and explore the station.

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