Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fireman Quinn

Quinn has developed a love a for all things that have to do with fire engines, fire stations, firefighters, fire hats, fire get the picture. It all started with a little show called "Fireman Sam" that is on the Children's BBC and I think now on OPB. There are plenty of shows that are on Youtube if you want to take a peek--this is a link to the theme song.

Last week we went to the fire station to see if our two car seats were installed correctly (Ryan got a 100% on car seat installation). We also got an AWESOME tour of the fire station which made Quinn's week. He wore his fire hat and fire boots (galoshes with flames on them) while Fireman Eric gave us a tour of the sleeping quarters, work out area, all the gear, and ALL the engines, trucks, boats, ambulances, and equipment the firefighters use! Quinn got to sit in a fire truck, hold a fire ax with Fireman Eric, try on a fire hat, and explore the station.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Baby Dos Update

Tuesday morning around 5AM I headed to the Birth Center because I'd been having contractions through out the night. When I was in labor with Quinn I dilated to a 5 quickly and without much pain--our midwife had to tell me to go to the hospital because I didn't know I had been in labor. I didn't want to repeat that again hence my trip to the Birth Center. I was still at a 8 AM I was at a 3 but still only 80% effaced so I headed home. I had consistent contractions all day Tuesday, caught up on some sleep, and after another check was still the same. We were all geared up for a delivery so it was good to sleep well Tuesday night and start a new day fresh Wednesday. I'm having contractions off and on but things have slowed down considerably so we're in "wait and see" mode. We have another appointment on Thursday so we'll see if there are any changes then.

Today, Quinn spent time talking to his sister in my large belly. He told Ryan and me at separate times that he was going to marry his sister...he told Ryan he was going to marry his sister because he had to marry someone...he told me he was going to marry his sister because he loved her. As he talked to her today he told her all the things he was going to do with her: look at pictures, eat food, help her, look at books, play with her, show her pictures of Mickey Mouse...he still seems excited for her arrival. I guess we're all on the same page!

Restoring Order: The Finals

I have a list that I've been checking and double checking since July of all our "to be done" projects. It has been good to put a big "X" next to a completed project and I have to give major kudos to Ryan for being willing to tackle these projects with me. We've been able to do things together or he has helped me have the time to do some of the reorganizing or he has tackled things I couldn't do like all the painting I wanted done. My parents also were willing to help...hanging some shelves, the master room closet organizer and the big the Pergo floors. Many thanks to the Padres!

Everything I wanted done has been done...AMAZING! (I did decide that washing the bedroom windows and the caulking were optional...Ryan didn't argue with me.) Here is the list followed by some pictures:

  • A room makeover for Quinn with new paint and ways to organize his toys!
  • The hall linen/storage closet
  • Completing Baby Dos' room
  • Scrub all the Pergo in the house (because I'm preggo and want it all scrubbed before Baby Dos arrives :) )
  • Install the master bedroom closet organizer
  • Reorganize the items that remain in the garage for easiest access
  • Paint some bedroom furniture
  • Finish the decorative items that I just haven't put up
  • Touch up the caulking in the house that needs it
  • Keep up the outdoor weeding, lawn care
  • Determine new desk/papers/system for better organization and access
Master Bedroom Projects



Quinn's Room


Baby Dos' Room

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Baby Updates

We are preparing for Baby Dos to arrive soon! She is due on September 11th but speculation is that she will arrive sooner than that. I am currently 75% effaced and dilated to a one. Things might stop and we may just stay there for awhile BUT they might continue and she'll be here before we know it! As of Wednesday, our midwife said she thought Baby Dos would be here in a week and a half (or so) and that she would be seven pounds. She is pretty good at what she does so we've tried to finish things up in case she is correct. And if not, then we'll just be ready sooner! While we are a little under three weeks from her arrival I thought I would share a few answers to some common questions:

How are you sleeping?
Well, technically, I writing this post at 1AM. I've been up for longer stretches of time as of late, usually between the 2-4 AM range. That is when I catch up on looking at facebook or blogs and eating graham crackers with milk. Or doing work. Or reading. Or planning :)

What are you craving?
With Quinn and with this little girl, I'm always a huge fan of Honey Bunches of Oats cereal. Any time. I've loved citrus. I've eaten a ton of fruit this summer and my last trend was to eat cherries. I would buy two bags for myself because Ryan and Quinn wouldn't eat them.

What has this pregnancy been like compared to Quinn?
With Quinn I was initially really sick and then got through most of that. It was a good pregnancy and I worked up until the day I had Quinn. I was tired and such but I felt pretty good overall. With Baby Dos, I wasn't sick at the start just hungry all the time. It was a different experience working part time and having a 2-3 year old. I would say that the end has been harder for me this time. I feel more tired. I actually am trying to take naps which I usually resist. I'm more swollen. I've carried Baby Dos lower than Quinn and now that she is even lower it feels like she is sitting on my lap all the time.

Do you have a name picked out?
You don't like Baby Dos? :) We have a name picked out and her life verse chosen.
What are your work plans after having the little lady?
I have had such a great time being back at Fox in the area of Transition and Inclusion, and such a wonderful chance to work some at the office and some at home--it has been hard deciding what to do. That being said, we have decided that August 31st is my last official day as the Student Transitions Program Coordinator. I will work a couple of days next week (Plan A) with student training but will not be the point person during Orientation. My mind, heart, and body are at peace with that plan. It will give me good space to transition into mommyhood with two and Ryan will start an MBA program very soon.

How have Baby Dos' ultrasounds gone?
We had our last ultrasound at OHSU this past Monday and everything looks good with her! Now, this doesn't rule out CF but it does determine that we will deliver in Newberg and that we do not anticipate having any intestinal blockage. We will do a sweat test at 6-8 weeks to determine the CF status but in the meantime Oregon has added CF to the list of diseases screened for at birth and 2 weeks so it is possible that we'll get some feedback even during the 6-8 weeks before the sweat test. Right now we anticipate a great delivery, good health, and welcoming her home!

Is Baby Dos' room ready?
It is all ready! Crib is up, closet and dresser are organized with sleepers and little onesies (thanks Beasleys!), decorations are up in her room, rocking chair is ready, and diapers are in their little container.

How is your head and heart with her arriving soon?
I am a processor so it is good for me to have some intentional downtime to get a bit more prepared mentally and emotionally. Have some space between the end of work and her arrival is good for me. Having more time with Quinn is good for me. Talking things out with Ryan is good. Nesting is good. Praying and listening to music is good. Trying to get more sleep is good. I'm not anxious. I'm hopeful. I feel like I have some things in place to help me be more healthy after we have Baby Dos. I'll have more recovery time in the hospital and at home. I'm trying to be more intentional about listening to my body rather than just pushing through things. I'm not fearful of how I may feel after Baby Dos arrives and that is really positive.

So now we wait and enjoy...

About three weeks before our due date with Quinn

About three weeks before our Baby Dos due date

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Quinn's Haircut

Quinn had another visit to Barber Don last week--haircuts for Ryan and Quinn!



Friday, August 21, 2009

Dougherty Family Stay-cation

We had a great time with the Dougherty family in Newberg the last week of July. It was the hottest week of the year and we still managed to have a great time. Praise the Lord for air conditioning! The crew hit the zoo in 100 degree heat (while I stayed back) and came home tired but smiling. We escaped for a day to Lincoln City and enjoyed the Outlets, Mo's, and a cool and foggy beach. It was a 40 degree temperature difference and good for the soul! The other days we enjoyed trips to the Coffee Cottage and Chapters, walking around downtown Newberg (the Critter Cabana was a hit), hitting up Sesame Donut in Sherwood, celebrating Grandma's Rainbow themed birthday, and putting the parks to good use! We had some great chats and enjoyed seeing the family together in one place!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


It has been a while since my last post and I'm hoping I can jump back into blog-land with a few posts! Time seems to be flying by so quickly--many good things happening and great things that we are anticipating.

We have about three weeks until our due date!
We have been "Restoring Order" around the house like crazy. My mom says I've been nesting for two months--at least :)
Quinn is excited to meet his little sister and excited to start preschool.
We've had great appointments for Quinn and for the little sister.
We had a fun week with all the Doughertys here in Newberg during the hottest week of the summer--and we all survived in the heat!
We had a fun weekend with my dad's siblings and spouses in Dundee along with my Grandma Ruth who has been staying with my parents.
Did I mention that we've been doing projects galore!

Whew! So, I am emerging in blog land again and hope to show up a little more often!