Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A vacation day

By the end of today we had deemed it a "vacation day"--just a day to enjoy whatever came our way and have fun in the process. We had a great time at our friend Allie's 3rd birthday which was held in Wilsonville at Memorial Park. It was our first time to the water fountains and water play areas--a perfect, hot day for Quinn to hop in the water and SPLASH! We hit Sonic on the way home and I was sure that Quinn would be tuckered out and ready to hit the hay but after about 45 minutes with Quinn laying down doing everything but sleeping, it became clear that a nap was not going to happen. Instead, we met Ryan at REI to have an adventure around Bridgeport.

We were able to find a bike helmet for Quinn, do a little research on bike carriers and double strollers, and explore the playground at Bridgeport. A big winner at Goodnight Room was a butterfly mobile that was hanging as a display. I asked about it and because they didn't have a box for it or anymore in stock, we got it for $9.99! Perfect for a little girl's room that will have birds and butterflies.

A yummy dinner at Fuddrucker's and then home again for a bath and bed. However, Quinn has been in bed for an hour now and is still wide awake! His g-tube connecting cord has come undone from the actual tube twice now and we've changed one set of sheets that had formula on them. This is also after he was sitting in the dark by his bookshelf trying to look at books. How much energy does this kid have!?

In the meantime, Baby Dos (as we currently call her) is moving all around which is great. We are at 30 weeks today--just 10 more weeks to go! She is an active little lady--hopefully she'll get her backflips out of her system before I go to bed!


Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

Such a fun day at the park! It was so good to see you and Quinn and to watch all the kids having so much fun in the water! Sounds like an exhausting day for you, but fun nonetheless. What a GREAT deal on the mobile! Hope you have a relaxing evening.

Smith Family said...

Sounds like a fun day! I'm soooo excited to meet your sweet little baby dos. I'm glad we'll be in Newberg so we can give her lots of love. We call our little one baby quatro =).

Aj Schwanz said...

Woo hoo for summer! That sounds like a most excellent day. I, too, wonder where all the boundless energy comes from, especially when I seem to have a lack.

Boo will be happy to do backflips with Dos. Someone commented how I only have a few more months of not being outnumbered, but with her nightly exercise regime (and she's hardcore: gotta get ready to keep up with those boys!), I fear that time has already passed. :)