Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cutting the Cable Umbilical Cord

We have always been a cable watching family. All the sports and news we could ever want. All the design shows I could possibly watch. All the vegging out that comes with those things. Reruns of Law and Order, Designed to Sell, and any sporting event--those were normal staples. We had been discussing budgets and time and bemoaning the fact that Comcast prices just kept increasing...and finally decided to pull the cord literally and cut cable. A pretty big decision for us--especially since we were saying goodbye to OPB and the Disney channel too :)

Since May 1st the house has been cable free. And, I like it. We like it.

At first it was a bit strange and I asked Ryan through out the course of the first weekend minus cable, "Are you OK?" Of course he was. And me, I was a little antsy. When we had first moved to our house and I was home alone with Quinn, CNN was my friend and background noise. I wondered if I would miss it or miss something important. Instead, I've gained time, money, conversation with Ryan, opportunities to work on projects, and a "new normal" that doesn't include the background noise of the TV. Sometimes the house is just quiet as we're doing things and sometimes we do our iTunes, or Pandora.com or a CD.

And, when we want to watch something...the internet really has options for following Lost or Numbers or the NBA finals. And I still am a www.cnn.com news junkie but everything in moderation, right?

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